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Breakfast Cookies–Part 2

Remember when I made breakfast cookies?  I came across this recipe and while I would eat it for breakfast still,  I thought the recipe could be improved upon.   Not that it was bad per se but it contained flour, … Continue reading

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Easy Single Serving Microwave Brownie Bowl

On Monday night, Mer made brownies for one of her friend’s birthdays.   I didn’t want to eat one of them since I am eating dairy this week (which means I shouldn’t be eating gluten). The only problem was, once I … Continue reading


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Almond Kale Pesto

Happy Thursday!  Hope everyone is doing well!  The zumba class that I take has had a sub for the past four weeks and our regular teacher was finally back tonight. Yay!!!  Zumba just isn’t as much fun with subs who … Continue reading

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Very Veggie(Vegan) Lasagna

For my 2011 ‘resolution’ of sorts, I decided to become a vegetarian for 30 days just to try it out.  I already don’t eat meat probably 90% of the time just because I am often too lazy to cook meat … Continue reading


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