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Crockpot or not split pea soup

Hello friends!  Hope you have had a great weekend! I had a busy but fun weekend.  Saturday I went to yoga, ran some errands and then went to a BBQ.  It was not a great day for a rooftop BBQ–it … Continue reading

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Cream of broccoli soup without the cream

  I often enjoy having soup and salad for dinner.  I usually make a few modifications to the usual cream soup to make healthier but I don’t like to skimp on flavor. Many recipes for broccoli soup suggest that you … Continue reading

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Matzo ball soup and some Sunday organization

Today has been a pretty productive Sunday.   My make-up storage has been bothering me for awhile because I had been keeping it all in a random basket.  Since everything was all just piled in there it was always impossible … Continue reading


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Snowy Day Salmon Chowder

So, I had the day off work today.  It was my first snow day as a grownup and I’ve been grownup for quite some time.  About 7 or 8 inches fell overnight but not the 10 to 12 inches that … Continue reading


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