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Fat Tuesday and Warby Parker decisions…

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Anyone celebrating?  I celebrated by trying King’s Cake for the first time.  It was delicious! Is anyone giving anything up for lent?  I usually do give something up but I haven’t decided if I will this year. … Continue reading


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Almond Kale Pesto

Happy Thursday!  Hope everyone is doing well!  The zumba class that I take has had a sub for the past four weeks and our regular teacher was finally back tonight. Yay!!!  Zumba just isn’t as much fun with subs who … Continue reading

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Half Marathon, here I come!

Originally, when my mom and I were discussing ideas for the blog, we weren’t sure if we wanted to include exercise and working out type posts.  The reason that we ultimately decided that we should is because we think that healthy eating … Continue reading


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