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13.1 Race Recap

Hi guys!  Hope you had a great weekend! Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday.  I went back to my parents hotel after the race and then straight to dinner/out at night so neither my mom or I had access … Continue reading


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Speed Demon Half Marathon Playlist

This morning I had a really delicious breakfast.  It actually tasted more like a dessert than anything else, and that’s never a bad thing.  Since I can’t eat much for b-fast (including no oats!  the horror), I have been sticking … Continue reading

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Training update and tempo runs

As you guys know, I am in the process of training for my first half marathon.  I thought that every few weeks I would do a check-in and let you guys know how it is going, the up’s and down’s … Continue reading

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Half Marathon, here I come!

Originally, when my mom and I were discussing ideas for the blog, we weren’t sure if we wanted to include exercise and working out type posts.  The reason that we ultimately decided that we should is because we think that healthy eating … Continue reading


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