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We are mother and daughter living in Detroit and Chicago (respectively) and started this blog to be a place where we can share ideas with each other and with all of you!   We both have an interest in food, cooking, nutrition, exercise and healthy living in general.   The blog will focus on cooking and recipe ideas but we hope to touch on all kinds of topics, mainly focusing on cooking and healthy recipes as well as exercise, daily life and more!

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I am a 25 year old living and working in Chicago.

I have always loved cooking and food in general and often experiment with recipes to tweak them to my liking.   My mom is a much better cook than me and whenever I make a recipe I am usually calling her for help or advice on what to do next.   I have followed her lead in that I usually don’t measure much while I am cooking and just dump a bunch of stuff in and hope it turns out (her recipes pretty much always do, mine sometimes do, but I’m working on that). I think my skill level will grow and develop overtime.  My ideas regarding food and nutrition have really changed and evolved and I hope to keep growing and evolving with this blog.

As far as my food mentality, I try to focus on eating lots of fruits and veggies, healthy fat and protein but I allow myself to eat pretty much whatever as long as it is in moderation.  Because I can eat A LOT when I try, I have found that it helps to at least try to eat healthy foods the majority of the time (80/20 rule) to counteract the quantity of food that I am eating.

Some of my favorite foods are chocolate chip cookies, fries and pizza but I also loveee watermelon, beets and tofu (weird, I know).


Growing up, I was always thin and never had to worry about what I ate.   I ran cross country and track in high school and was running lots of miles per week which meant I could eat whatever I wanted and be fine.

Freshman year of college was a big change for me.   My mom cooks pretty healthy food, so switching to dorm food + more drinking + a less regimented workout + addition of late night eating led to me gaining about 10 pounds.   Not quite the freshman 15 but still quite a bit of weight.

Go Blue!

Junior year I studied abroad in Australia.  I was drinking and going out pretty much every night, but I also had a running path right by my apartment so I ran about 4 miles per day and added weight lifting to my routine (previously I had done all cardio).   I am also convinced that outside of the US, even packaged food is better for us because there aren’t usually things like high fructose corn syrup.   That being said, I did drop weight while I was there and finally felt like I was at a good place for myself.

Since my junior year I have stayed around the same weight with some minor fluctuations.  I don’t really weigh myself except when I am forced to at the doctor.  I find that my weight fluctuates so much even in a single day that it is better to make sure I feel healthy and that my clothes are fitting how I want them to fit instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale.

Exercise and working out are a big part of my life because I feel better when I exercise.  I have found workouts that I genuinely look forward to and even though I do have plenty of days where I would rather lie on the couch, most days I will do at least something, even if I can only fit in 20 minutes.   As a former cross country runner, I do know the importance of rest days though and usually take at least one day off per week so I don’t tire myself out.


I have always has an interest in food and have kept a close eye on calories from the time I left for college.  I dieted the summer before college (many, many, many years ago) and lost almost ten pounds so that when I gained the freshman ten, I would have a net gain of zero.  I had a little log book I carried around all summer and wrote down what I ate and tried to keep my calorie intake under 1200 per day.  I haven’t had such self control since.

Fast forward 30 years later and……

I really enjoy cooking and eating.  I mean I REALLY like to eat good food.  I can’t imagine getting home from work at home at night and deciding to have cold cereal for dinner.  I like to eat real food and if the refrigerator is marginally stocked I usually can come up with a good quick meal.  And because I enjoy eating, I have learned to enjoy exercising and I have found quite a few activities that I really look forward to.

About 20 years ago we purchased a summer cottage and we began inviting friends and family to spend weekends with us on a regular basis.  That’s when I really became interested in expanding my cooking horizons.  I didn’t want to prepare the same old menus weekend after weekend.  I started subscribing to cooking magazines and purchasing cookbooks.  I really loved Gourmet magazine and miss it.  Bon Appetite was another favorite.  I love cookbooks that have photographs and that include menus rather than individual recipes.  I still love to buy cookbooks even though I have more than a hundred and primarily use the internet for recipes and new ideas.

I like to entertain and am not bothered or intimidated by preparing food for larger groups.  I believe most people are happy to have a night out and so they won’t be too critical of my attempts at a meal to share with friends or family.  If I am preparing a meal for a special occasion I am not the type to make it ahead of time to try out the recipe.  If a recipe sounds good, I will make it never having tried it before.  I do try to look over recipes and choose things that will require very little time once guests have arrived.  I want to be in on the fun at a party and don’t want to be locked in the kitchen with a time intensive meal to prepare.

I seldom shop with a grocery list (except for parties).   I usually arrive at the store and choose meats, produce, etc that look great or are well priced.  When it comes time to make a meal I often use Epicurious. I enter in the ingredients I have on hand.  For example, chicken breasts, red peppers and asparagus and see what recipes pop up and I choose whatever sounds best at the moment.  I also check out the food network if I come up empty at Epicurious.

I seldom follow a recipe exactly and almost never measure ingredients.  I usually just eyeball the amounts, which works fine for cooking but baking requires more exactness than I generally possess.  Although, I have recently taken up bread baking and have pulled the measuring cups and spoons out of the cupboard and have had some success.  So, perhaps it’s never too late to learn a new trick or two.

In Florida!

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  1. Anne Stafford

    Karen & Katie,
    I loved reading your blog and am feeling quite hungry (perhaps because its the dinner hour!). Add me to your list of weekly emails.
    xo Anne

  2. Sharon Comiska

    Hi, I finally made it to your blog. Very nice, looks very good, looks like alot of work! Great job, I will keep checking. I am the clean one not the cook! Love you guys keep up the good work!

  3. melinda mclellan

    this is awesome!!! maybe my new endeavor will be cooking!!!

  4. Davida

    I am now getting all blogs daily. Love it. Learn something new with each

  5. Davida thanks for signing on, glad you are enjoying!

  6. Pam McCarthy

    Hi my name is Pam McCarthy, I live in Tryon NC and I am good friends with Kim and Rich Nelson. We just had dinner tonight and Kim said I should check out your blog, as she knows I’m a real foodie. In an obsessed way. I really relate to your cooking and entertaining philosopy, (but I sure could add more exersise to my schedule). I to love cookbooks to read but pretty much research everything on my IPad these days .I like to find 2 or 3 recipes and combine my favorite parts of each
    I’m not a great baker to much like science and I never like to follow exact directions. Lucky for me I live close to Rich and can request his bread when needed!! My oldest son Conner is best friends with Luke. Next time you are in Tryon I would love to meet you and talk about food or even better eat some good food with you. Enjoyed your blog.
    Pam McCarthy

    • How lucky you are to live in Tryon, what a great place, I immediately fell in love. I’m glad to know there are others out there that are with me on the baking not being on the top of the list. I think you can do one or the other, baking is too exact for me and until we got started with this blog, I could seldom share a recipe because it meant making the whole thing again because I didn’t measure a thing. Now that I have the measuring thing down, I guess I could revisit baking. How lucky you are to be good friends with Kim and Rich, it would be hard to find two nicer people. Kim mentioned she loves to spend time in the kitchen with you, sounds like you are a great cook. I would love to meet up, I hope we get back to Tryon soon. Thanks for looking in. Karen

  7. Excellent post. I was checking continuously this weblog and I am inspired! Very helpful info particularly the ultimate section :) I care for such information a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a very lengthy time. Thanks and best of luck.

  8. I just found your blog and I’m loving the concept! Plus, I’m originally from Detroit area too and now live in Chicago. Go Blue!

  9. Ann Stys

    Thank you for the return to the blog!!!

  10. Cole

    Hi there,

    I love your blog! If you could, please email me when you get a chance about a couple questions.


  11. Cindy Parrott

    looking for a variety of gazpacho ideas so led me to u looking forward to getting more ideas just made a watermelon cucumber gazpacho yummy hoping these will help me lose weight trying to diet based on alot of food allergies

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