6 things Thursday

This post is random but aren’t they all!  Here’s whats on my mind (and phone) lately…

1.  Last week I went to Miami and Houston–I was there to work but the warm weather cheered me up like no other!  I needed it–this winter is starting to get to me, as I’m sure many of you can relate to.  I’m sure my pale appearance tipped people off to the fact that I was not a local.

2. I stayed at the Intercontinental Miami and the gym was one of the best hotel gyms I’ve seen.  All brand new equipment and tons and tons of weight machines.   The hotel charged for the gym which is lame but I sweet talked the guy at the front desk into giving me gym passes when I checked in.  But then the doors were wide open so I didn’t even need to use them!  I never thought I would be upset that they weren’t charging for gym use.  I mean..so much for feeling special!!

I also had an acai bowl for dinner one night.  I wish they had more places which had acai bowls here in Chicago–they are the best!

Horrible pic, sorry.

3. While in Houston, I obviously had to go to the mecca of all grocery stores.


Bulk bins, I love you.  (there are three more aisles like this one). I realized that I almost always bring back bags of either coconut flour or protein powder from this store in my suitcase.  Yes, I am weird.  It never dawned on me before now that having a random ziploc bag of powder in my carry on suitcase may not be the best practice.  Ha.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop doing it though.

3. I also stayed at the best hotel ever–Hotel ZaZa.  If you are planning trips to Houston, Dallas or Austin, I highly recommend!

Even though I had never stayed at this hotel before, they upgraded me to a suite–complete with chandelier!  They also had a really nice gym–with another chandelier.  The pool looked awesome as well but I didn’t have time this trip.

They also put chocolates on the bed and in the morning, they have coffee on every single floor!  That means I don’t have to go down to lobby while sweating profusely after the gym–win for everyone involved!



4. Speaking of gyms–as anyone who has tried to go to a hotel gym in the morning probably knows–it can get pretty cutthroat.  Anyone who gets on the elevator that early in the morning is probably going to the gym–and at hotel gyms, the most coveted thing is usually the treadmill.  So, ideally you want to be the last person on the elevator, so you can be the first one off and book it to the open treadmill, right?  Right.  Unfortunately, last week, a girl got on after me, and I took one look at her barefoot running shoes and just knew she was going to make a beeline for the treadmill.  But, I was at the back of the elevator–what could I do?  Of course she got off before me and then slowlyyyyy walked down the hall for the gym–I really wanted to pass her but I held myself back in an effort to not be really rude.  And then what happened, she got the last treadmill.  Of course!  Sigh.  Such is hotel life sometimes! Luckily the gym had plenty of space and weight machines so I ended up still getting a workout in–but when a treadmill is the only option, it’s a real bummer.

5. My friend Kat just sent me this and I laughed pretty hard about it.  It was weird timing too because lately random strangers–mostly in airports–keep telling me how tall I am.   Like at least 3 or 4 times in the past week.  What exactly are they expecting me to say in response???

‘You’re tall’

‘Ummm…yeah…I am…”

6.  Completely unrelated to any of the above.  I just got these Nine West shoes for 12 bucks!  Woo hoo!

Clearly, I am committed to being over 6 feet tall :)

Happy almost weekend!


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