The last few weeks

I have been all over the place the last few weeks.  No cooking has been going on unless you count hard boiling eggs.   Which I still  bring with me every time.   My fridge in my hotel room was too cold this week though and they froze solid :( .  Eggs are not very good after having frozen solid–fyi.   My mom got me a yogurt maker just like hers and I’m dying to try it out but just haven’t been home for long enough yet.

Here are some pics from along the way:

This is the Andaz hotel in NYC on 5th Ave.  Highly recommend.  The picture above is the closet.  There is a similar glass case next to it with the minibar and fridge.  Everything (minus the alcohol) in the minibar is free.  FREE!  I had to google that to double check because I didn’t believe it.   Awesome touch considering most Manhattan hotels charge 10 bucks for a water.  There was also a big gym, really friendly staff.  Love it, I am definitely staying here again if I have the chance.

Here is the bathroom:

That rain shower meant I actually had to wash my hair for once too ha.

View of NYC from my friend Lindsey’s apartment…

Everytime I go to Manhattan I remember just how much I love it!  I also love when there is a Zara directly across the street from my hotel…

I finally jumped on the wedge sneaker bandwagon. 

I also got some leather shorts at Zara which are the best.  I highly suggest checking out the sale they have going on, online too!


It was a pain to drag around all my purchases all week.  But definitely worth it in the end. 

Last weekend my friends Rachel and Alexis came into town to go wedding dress shopping for Rachel!  We had such a great time.  Rach and I go way back to second grade, so we are practically like sisters.   We found a few hopefuls but so far Rachel has not said yes to the dress.  :)


Here is my Hampton Inn suite from last week…


Pretty good for a Hampton Inn!  Can you tell I’m moving on up in the Hilton world?

Last but not least…here is the luggage tag I made..

As you can see, I rushed it so it looks like crap up close.  But from far away it looks good.

I’m headed off to Minneapolis for the day–a 6 AM flight tomorrow means a 4 AM wake up call sadly.  Then it’s off to a family reunion for the weekend, pics to follow!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!



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