Weekend in Pictures

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend (for those who were celebrating).  I had a busy week last week–flew to Florida for work and back to Chicago, got in Thursday around 12:30 AM, then quickly repacked my suitcase and headed home to Michigan straight from work on Friday.   Tiring, but it was worth it to spend Easter with my family! 

Friday night when I got in we went out to eat and caught the end of the Michigan game–which was awesome!  After that and the game yesterday, I am so excited that Michigan is in the Final Four!

The weekend consisted of a lot of eating–including WAY too much chocolate, lots of celebrating–engagements especially and lots of family time. 

Here are some pics from Florida and Michigan…

Squeezed in a litte pool time–rough life. 

Really small gym at the hotel I was staying in, but it got the job done.  I actually got a really tough workout in–hence my facial expression haha.  I will post the workout soon!

Outfit of the day–this was my good luck outfit for my evaluation visit last week–and it worked! 

View for the day

Greek salad is my favorite salad of all time–this one is from Mack Ave in Grosse Pointe

Got my hair done–and had to leave it like this for a few hours.  I got some strange looks when my mom and I went to run errands and get our nails done.

My brother ushering at church

Cooper the watchdog


Rew and I

A very fun weekend–and not a bad week either.  Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!



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  1. melinda

    katie…that is a great shot of you and rew!!! love running errands at marshalls/tj’s with the “hair do”….fun post!

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