Travel Goodies and protein powder quest continued…

Hi guys!  How is everyone doing?  I have a busy week ahead with travel (and Valentine’s day!) but wanted to check in real quick and give you a few updates from me.

My mom sent me a package full of goodies on Monday which was a total surprise!  An early Valentine’s present :)

She bought me a pair of red minnetonkas which I love

I can’t wait until I can start wearing these!  They don’t have much of a sole, so I’ll need to wait unti it isn’t snowing every other day (blech).

She also sent me some jewelry, some travel accessories and these cool bags that I have already put to use for my toiletries:

As far as other useful travel items, I am still looking for noise cancelling headphones that I don’t have to pay a ton for.  Does anyone have a pair that they would recommend?  Other than those, I probably won’t buy too much until I have a better idea of the most useful things and what I really need.

This is on my wishlist in the meantime:


Did I tell you guys that I lost my black Theory blazer on my very first work trip?  I still get pretty depressed when I think about that :( .  I had it draped over the handle of my bag and I think it must have fallen off when I got my wallet out in a store.   The flight attendant actually let me run off the plane to check for it but I didn’t have enough time before the doors closed to look for long.  I called the Nashville airport about 10 times, but finally had to call off my search and admit that it was gone.

I have also been on my never-ending quest for a protein powder as I think that they are the perfect ‘food’ to pack–throw some in a bag and then I can have on hand for a light breakfast or an airport snack.

Because of that, I want one that tastes good enough that it can mix into water.

I picked up two sample sizes from Whole Foods, both vegan protein…


This one has 16 g of protein and is dairy, gluten, soy free with no sugar added.  The taste was really good–I did mix it with almond milk though and not water.  Vega uses various vegetarian proteins like pea, hemp and brown rice protein and the only other added ingredients are cocoa powder, natural chocolate, xantham gum and stevia.   It also has omega 3′s, probiotics and green powder added in.  The sugar is low–only 2 grams, but it does have 11 grams of carbs (whey type powders often have less than that).  All in all a pretty good profile and a really good taste!

The next one I tried was Amazing Meal

This is vegan, but is also greens, fruits, veggies with protein–so it is more of a dietary supplement than just a protein powder.  I like the idea of the added ingredients like wheat grass, kale, goji berries, flaxseeds, etc.

I liked the taste of this one too, although I liked the Vega taste a little more.   This was lower in protein and higher in sugar–and although some of that is natural from the fruits, it does have added sugar too which I wasn’t a big fan of.

All in all, I would probably go with Vega next time if I had to pick between these two.  But for now, the search will continue.

Hope you guys have a great rest of the week and a great Valentine’s Day!:)




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