Best hotel chain–so far

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I just got back from Minnesota late last night.  It was my first trip to Minneapolis and a very quick one. I have to say, I was a little nervous about the cold weather.  I flew in pretty late so it was already dark out–mistake for a first trip somewhere I have realized.  It isn’t as easy to see and I got lost a few times :) .

Once I got there, I realized that the cold really wasn’t too much worse than Chicago–it was a balmy 0 degrees I believe.  The nice part about Minneapolis is they have plenty of skyways so you can stay inside for a lot of the time–but of course I got lost and had to ask for directions.  “Directions to where?”…’Um…I just can’t find my way outside…”.  Ha, I got laughed at for sure.  One thing I am quickly learning about traveling is there is no shame in asking stupid questions and for directions.  I ask a lot of stupid questions on a regular basis so I guess it isn’t a huge epiphany–but it is something I have gotten used to doing much more frequently.

I stayed at the Grand Hotel Minneapolis and LOVED IT.  Loved.  Give me the best hotel gym in all the land and free stuff from the minibar and you can do no wrong in my eyes.

I have a lot to say about this hotel because I am seriously impressed.  The room was good–not a huge room by any means, but it had some nice touches with a huge wooden bed frame, a nice desk and free yoga on channel 1.

This is a boutique hotel and I noticed that they will often provide little ‘extras’ that other hotels might not–they have a whole list of stuff that they will provide complimentary if you have forgotten or are in need of.   Unfortunately for me, a sports bra was not on the list (I actually checked).

Speaking of, did I mention the gym yet? :)   The hotel has access to a huge Lifetime Fitness.  The awesome part (in my opinion) is that if you stay at the hotel, you can obviously use the gym but can also take any classes and have access to the spa.   I noticed there was a weightlifting class on Wednesday at 6 AM so I decided to give it a shot.   The room was dark lighting and super hot and the class was intense.  Like really intense–but it was a fun class, I would definitely take it again and I can’t wait to check out some of the others.   It was worth having to blow dry my bra so I could wear it to work an hour later. That’s saying something.  And this was definitely the nicest Lifetime I have ever seen (pic from the site, I forgot to take one).

Also, because I joined the Kimpton rewards program, I got free internet (I have this for work so I don’t really care about that, but some might), and 10 free dollars to spend at the mini bar.   I have to say, that wasn’t a huge selling point for me but you guys!  You should have seen me trying to decide how to allocate my 10 dollars.  I am seriously not even going to tell you how long it took because it’s embarrassing.

All in all, besides not being able to find the valet (ever…I asked at least 3 different people and I still never found it!), this was a great hotel and I plan to be back!

I think the Kimpton chain is winning out so far over others, but I still have plenty to try still.

So tell me since I am still shopping around…what is the best hotel you have stayed at?  What do you think is the best chain?




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