All over the food map

I have some people pictures to post from weddings and such, but this one is going to focus on food with a few random non-food thrown in for good measure.  As you will see…my eating has been all over the map..

Fresh summer tomatoes are the best

Drank this in New York last week when sick with a cold–loved it and the cayenne pepper addition helped clear out my sinuses a bit.

United Lounge, don’t mind if I do eat everything you have–cheese and crackers, latte, fruit salad (already 3/4 eaten) chocolate, fritos.  And german mags.  What more could a person want.

Tempura Ice Cream after a byob sushi dinner.  This was my first time trying–so good!

My new favorite bar.  I have only seen these in stores in Texas but found them online.  They are so so good! The peanut butter chocolate flavor is awesome too.

Do yourself a favor and start making tacos this way.  Make a mini quesadilla with (the small size) corn tortillas and then use that as your taco ‘shell’.  Then fill your ‘shell’ with whatever you want!  I can’t take total credit for this because I read about it somewhere–but I can’t remember where to link to it! These taste way better than regular tacos since the cheese is melted.  Think of it as a cheesy gordita crunch but wayyyy healthier (make sure you are using corn tortillas though-not flour).

In my tacos, I used guacamole and crockpot chicken–slow cooked 6 pieces of chicken with 2 jars of salsa.  This is the best way to make chicken for mexican dishes and it’s super easy.

A new Trader Joe’s love–tofu and edamame nuggets.  Even if you don’t like tofu, you will like these.  I promise.


Had to do it. Coop the watch dog (when I was in Michigan a few weeks ago)

Another day, another flight!

Another hotel…this one with a shower in the room.  not sure how I felt about that

When the shower is in the room…this is what the rest of the bathroom looks like.  Ha, you better believe I never closed that door and risked locking myself in there.

Probably best to close with a pic of a toilet, don’t you think?

I am home all week and have a recipe coming soon!!




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