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Hey friends, sorry for being MIA these past few weeks!  I have been traveling a lot and my mom also was gone bc she took a trip to Florida. Last week I was in Minneapolis for one night and then Monday night I flew from Minneapolis to Houston, and I was there until Thursday night. 

I stayed at the downtown Hyatt in Minneapolis which was not as great as my last experience but still was a pretty nice hotel.  I’m pretty sure the gym was a gym that people outside the hotel pay for/go to, it was huge.  This is only 1 of the 5 rooms:

 The only room no one was in so I didn’t feel like a total creeper taking a picture.  They had just about every weight machine ever plus tons of cardio machines.  And a full basketball court! So that part was cool, I got in a good weight workout, doing jump rope in between each set of weights. 

I have to show you the pool–strangest thing ever.    They had some of the rooms with balconies overlooking the pool area.  Probably for families or something so that they could be staying right by the pool area.  Sounds nice, right?

Um not so much….here are the rooms overlooking the pool….

Here is the pool:

This seriously made me laugh so hard, I cannot get over it.  I would have been totally creeped out if my room was attached in any way to that bomb shelter looking pool area.

But, more about food–eating while traveling has actually not been as difficult to navigate as I originally expected–but, it does take a little bit of planning.  I flew Delta out of Minneapolis and if you ever fly into Minneapolis, make sure you fly into terminal one.   I was walking around looking for a salad or something for dinner and found a salad bar!!  I literally had just thought to myself two days before that I wondered why airports didn’t have salad bars (probably bc of the massive amounts of people that it takes constant upkeep) but here one was!  Not only that, but on top of the salad bar, I looked across the way and saw self serve fro-yo!

It’s so hard to find healthy food in airports.  I think this is so cool that this airport had a ton of healthy options–including things like popchips and lots of healthy bars (not just the junky ones with a lot of sugar).   But, naturally I got some fro-yo instead and piled candy on top

They also have ipads on every table for people to use which is pretty cool.   Although also germs galore!   I noticed I am becoming more of a germaphobe than I ever have been before–but hopefully that will keep me from getting sick every two seconds. 

When I got to Houston I was so excited to see that Hertz gave me an awesome car!  I was cruising in style for 3 days, that’s for sure…


Ugh…this is the SECOND time that Hertz has given me this same van.  As I approached the aisle and saw it, I just knew it was going to be mine. Last I checked Hertz, I am not a family of 4 and do not need a mini van for business travel.

I was also staying at a Hampton Inn which I was a little nervous about because they can be fairly hit or miss.  I was really pleasantly surprised with this one!  It was a pretty big suite with a desk, couch/chairs and a full kitchen with a full sized fridge and table.  Since I was there for 3 days, it was nice to have a fridge and be able to buy my breakfast/lunches ahead of time. 

Which brings me to my Whole Foods purchases of last week.   The Whole Foods I went to was pretty awesome and I took full advantage.  Since I was expensing my meals, I decided to do the salad bar thing–I made one for dinner and another for lunch…

That’s an 18 dollar salad right there, so I made sure to enjoy it.  I packed a ton of stuff into there, I couldn’t even finish the whole thing which never happens to me. 

I bought this for dessert:

Hail Merry products are a little bit pricey, but worth it for a splurge every once and awhile.  They are made with all natural ingredients.  This tart was really good–although still fairly high in calories.  It was pretty big size though– I ate half for dessert and half for breakfast. 

On my way home, I flew out of Houston Hobby airport which had pretty slim pickins in terms of healthy eating.  As I was about to go to Wendy’s and order a taco salad (one of my fav’s), I saw that the chinese food place had a cool salad bar.  Instead of the usual offerings, they had steamed broccoli, peanuts, mandarin oranges, beets, pineapple, lettuce, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, baby corn, shaved cucumber etc etc.  All things you would normally see served with chicken and drenched in sauce.  So, I made my own salad and had it with a ginger dressing.  It was SO good!

Last but not least, I found these at TJ Maxx in Houston and was very excited…

Awhile back, my mom bought me a La Fresh travel kit with little travel packets of deodarant wipes, nail polish remover wipes, face wash and face lotion wipes…She had gotten them from TJ’s but neither of us could ever find them there again!  I saw these and knew I had to buy them.   I love the little packets for travel.  

Not only to pack to use each day, but they are also great to use right before you get on a plane–flying makes me breakout, so since I average 2 or 3 flights a week, I really need to watch my skin and I’m trying to be better about taking my makeup off before I fly AND moisturize too.  I have read that breaking out while flying is due to the extreme dryness in the cabin (very low humidity) so if you are flying, make sure to moisturize and drink lots and lots of water too.  My skin is already prone to dryness, so I’m sure flying doesn’t help.  This skin routine does not always happen–it depends how rushed/lazy I am.  But at least these wipes make it a little easier.  

So, there is my recap of the past week.  It was a long one but I am getting more used to being on the go which is good.  Look for me cruising in a Mazda 5 in a city near you soon!  :)

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