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Hello, how is everyone’s week going?  I am currently in Sacramento for work (well probably by the time this posts I will be on my way back home).    Before that, I went to Palm Springs for the weekend with two of my best girlfriends from college that I rarely get to see.  Although I do get semi-tired of all the travel sometimes and definitely complain about it too,  the great thing is that it allows me to see friends who are in or near the cities I’m traveling to that I otherwise wouldn’t see as often.  Since I was doing a Monday morning visit for work, I decided to come out to California a few days early and met up with friends who were both within driving distance.  We had such a great weekend!  I wish we got to see each other more often. 

We stayed at the Saguaro in Palm Springs –this was my first time in Palm Springs and I loved it.  It was h-0-t but that was okay with us because we spent all day at the (colorful) pool.  

For the most part I really liked this hotel and would recommend it–you can’t beat the views either!

Good:  I loved the colors, that was a major selling point :) , the room was just a regular non-suite room but it was really big.  Also the pool was right in the center of everything and had great mountain views.  And for the most part, the staff was really nice and helpful.

 Bad: not too much bad, although the checkout is kinda early considering it’s a resort and people are paying resort fee’s for the whole day (and therefore they should make it easier to stay the whole day), I can see how the pool could become wayyyy too crowded in prime season–it isn’t very big.  But, we got chairs with no problem both days because we were outside by 9 AM.   Also the layout of the hotel is really confusing and sorta roundabout–they don’t make it easy to get to your room, that’s for sure. 

We had some great meals while we were there.  For lunch both days we went to Native Foods since it was right across the street–can’t go wrong there!  Native Foods probably deserves it’s own post because I love it so much.   For dinner, we ate both nights in Palm Springs and walked around downtown.  The first night we ate at Lulu Bistro and I had a tuna and avocado stack and a wedge salad.  Random combo but both were delicious.  I didn’t realize the salad was going to be ginormous.  I probably could have eaten the wedge alone and been full–but I powered through.

The second night we got Mexican food at Las Casuelas-which someone at the hotel recomended. Seriously great Mexican and we each paid 12 dollars total for some of the best mexican food I have had.  The tacos were amazing–fried shells so not even close to healthy which is why they were so good :) .  We also had a debate on the best kind of guacamole.  The one this restaurant served was very creamy–because it had cream cheese in it.  I am more  of a fan of the kind with tomatoes, onions, garlic, etc but this one was really good too.  If you like creamy guac, give it a try–the cream cheese is apparently their secret ingredient–and i never would have guessed that was what was in it!

Sunday evening I had to head up to Sacramento.  I was sad to leave but happy we got to spend the weekend together! I thought this was cool….

The Palm Springs airport is outside!  You go inside to get through security and then back outside to get to the gates.  

Next up is Sacramento.  I stayed at the Hyatt Regency which was really nice–the lobby is very nice, cool bar and restaurant although the hallways upstairs to get to the rooms are super dark and creepy.  But the room was nice and the bed was really comfortable.   Plus the hotel has an outdoor pool and a fairly big gym so major points for those.   I also got to walk to work!  My site was only .8 miles from the hotel so I decided to walk it.  The woman at the front desk led me astray and gave me the wrong directions so I probably walked an extra mile or so–but it was a great way to see the city.   

From what I have seen, I really like Sacramento!  There seem to be a ton of really cool restaurants and bars and the thing I like is that it is a bigger city but doesn’t feel like it.  It still has tons of parks and trees–most of the city streets are lined with trees and it sort of feels like Melbourne in some ways (where I studied abroad), so no wonder I like it.  I’m not here for too long but hopefully can explore a little more next time.

The reason I am a hippie now?  Well, I had to laugh when I found a co-op grocery store and pulled up in my (rented) Prius :) .  I got a really good salad from the only type of bar I have been hitting up lately + tofu ‘toveggie balls’ + a sencha shot of green tea and lots of bulk items. 

If that means I’m a hippie, I’m ok with it.  Minus the prius. I don’t know why I dislike that car so much but I do–I have gotten it on 3 separate occassions now too. Lame!   But, the co-op was pretty awesome–first time I have seen a mini tejava bottle (only 80 cents!).  Also, I don’t eat tofu much because it sometimes makes me sick but I really wanted to try these and I felt fine after eating them!  I planned to eat half and that plan failed because these are so flipping good.   Looks like they are local and made by Tofu Yu–but I hope I can find something like them at home.  They are all natural–with no shady ingredients–made from tofu, potato, carrot, daikon, rice, onion, celery, soybean oil, salt and ginger.  All natural, no sugar, minimal carbs and 23g protein per serving.  Also that sencha shot was nasty.  The apple cider vinegar drink was good though–separate post coming on ACV. 

Alright this post is super long so sorry about that.  But since I’m averaging less than one post a week, I gotta make them count, right? :)



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  1. sounds like a great trip. loved the hotel pics

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