Baked Eggs, Pizza and Uber

Tonight I stayed at work a little bit late to do some training and by the time I got home I was STARVING.  Headache, annoyed, the kind of hungry where I normally just eat whatever is in site.

I just went to the grocery store yesterday so I figured I should try and use up some of the produce I had, but also knew I needed something substantial.  So, I threw together these egg cups.

Basically, I just sauteed spinach and tomatoes in some olive oil with garlic.  Then, I divided the mixture between two ramekins and cracked an egg on top of each one.   Then baked for about 12 minutes–or until the egg hardens, at 450.  I actually did mine for about 15–but I am recommending 12 because I wanted the yolk a little softer than it was.

All in all, a super easy meal!  You could serve with toast or even put the toast at the bottom of the ramekin before cooking.

In other news (that isn’t really news)…

Last night we had Homemade Pizza Company which I haven’t had in awhile and it was SO good.  I wasn’t always sold on this place because I thought what was the point of ordering pizza only to cook it yourself…but it is so much better straight out of the oven vs pizza that is semi-cold by the time it comes.  We picked a pretty random combo that ended up being really good–pepperoni, mushrooms, caramelized onions on half and kalamata olives on the other half   Told you it was random, but seriously the best pizza I have had in awhile–I couldn’t decide which half I liked better.

I also used this olive oil for the first time–my mom and I found it awhile back at HomeGoods and I forgot I had it:

It just has a slight lemon taste–good but not overpowering.

Last, but not least…I have started using Uber which, for anyone in Chicago, is an awesome cab service.  You just download the Uber app and put your credit card info in.  Then, when you need a cab, it shows all the cabs right in your area and sends one to your location (the longest I have ever waited is probably 4-5 minutes).  The app shows a map with the exact cab location so you can see how far away it is from you at anytime after ordering.  The best part is that since your credit card info is already entered, it charges you automatically and you don’t have to pay at the end of your ride.  This is great since it takes away the fight with a cab driver over using card vs cash and just makes it a whole lot faster and easier.   You can order a taxi, black car or an SUV.  So far, I have only used the cab service.    Here is my promo code if you want/need one!  You get a free 10 dollars if you sign up through a promo code–and if you use mine, so do I!  Win, win :)

Have a great night!



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    I have been using Uber for a while in San Fransisco. I think that is where they started. I highly recommend the service.

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