August trips…

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  I have been all over the place since I have last posted.  So, if we have any readers left, I’m sorry for the delay :) .  I went to a fam reunion, to Harbor Springs and San Francisco for weddings, to Minnesota for the weekend and of course work trips in between.

Here are some pics from the last MONTH…

I barely took any pics in Harbor Springs but was there for the wedding of one of my very best friends!  It was a great weekend and a beautiful beach ceremony.


The San Francisco weekend wedding was different since it was city and not beachy, but it was equally as much fun…we also did a lot of exploring of San Fran throughout the weekend which was great, I’m so glad I got to see more of the city.


Awesome Chinese food in Chinatown…I highly recommend R&G


Ginger Jar heaven in Chinatown

My handsome date! :)

Minnesota–which was beautiful and relaxing–a perfect weekend after back to back wedding weekends..

Running selfie :)


I don’t think I’ve ever had more comments on a pair of shoes at the airport ha!

Some recent eats…

Chicken salad at Cafe Patachou at the Indy airport, Green Tea kit kat (which I didn’t realize was like 3 bucks for a mini one until buying it) , and spring rolls at Lund’s in Minneapolis.  If you ever need a good lunch from a grocery store in the AM, I have noticed that sushi is generally the first thing out–and you know it’s fresh when they have someone making it first thing in the morning!

I will be back with another post of some new Trader Joe’s finds!  Talk to you soon!




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