Weekend Recap

My weekend went way too fast, even though I didn’t do too much.  I spent a good amount of time relaxing, but also went out both nights which I have not done in awhile.

I, of course, only took one picture:


 Besides going out, I did a lot of tv watching.  I had to catch up on a few shows because Comcast finally came and we had cable again after 2 weeks without it-the horror!!  I watched a lot of Parenthood and also just started watching Revenge.  SUCH a good show–my roommate and I watched 5 episodes in a row and I can’t wait to catch up on the rest of the season.

I did a lot of eating and some minimal cooking too and actually took pictures of that!

Finally tried these kale chips from Trader Joe’s. 

Verdict: Eh, not that good.  I like Kale chips, but I just didn’t love the flavor of these, I probably won’t buy them again.

Some tomato basil soup with goat cheese from Michael Diversey’s

Made some funfetti blondies (I used a funfetti cake mix and just add the egg and oil but not the water so the mixture is much thicker than regular cake).  They are REALLY good so I took them into work so I couldn’t eat too many.  I also tried making part with pumpkin instead of oil which did not work out at all.

Normal on the left, pumpkin on the right.

I also made some marinated mushrooms.   The salad bar that I go to for lunch maybe once a week or so has the best marinated mushrooms and so I tried to recreate them.  The ones I made tasted absolutely nothing like the mushrooms from Mac Kellys-but they were still really good, I finished the batch in the same day.

To make I used these ingredients:

Oh wait, not the svedka.  That had a new home on the counter because I lost the lid.  

To make, combine a few tablespoons of each liquid–I used about 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 T of soy sauce, 3 T of white wine, 1 T syrup/agave,  little bit of garlic and a pinch of salt.   I also added a dash of regular balsamic vinegar.  I think this would have actually been better with apple cider vinegar, but I didn’t have any. 

I let the mixture sit in the pan for a few minutes on medium and then poured it over the mushrooms and let them marinate for a few hours.

Right after marinade:

 A few hours later:

Obviously I had already eaten some by the time this picture was taken :) .  But you get the idea.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Tell me something fun that you did!


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