Thursday Tangent

This post has got to be a quick one because tonight I’m off to see Magic Mike!  I cannot wait.  I have actually heard that it is pretty good.  Not that it really matters–I’m pretty sure I would like it even if the movie wasn’t that great.


Today I had the best lunch salad I have had in awhile.  Although the picture doesn’t look all that great.

In the mix was lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, capers, feta and olives.   I added a little bit of vinegar to the salad but no oil because the olives were packed in oil so it had plenty without adding any more.  A very easy way to make a homemade dressing!  I added a little salt and also ate with some additional hummus because what is a greek salad without a little hummus.   I know if either of my parents are reading they are thinking that a traditional greek salad does not have lettuce (ever since they went to Greece a few years back they are both a  tad snobbish about this), but I had a head of lettuce and since I went a little crazy on produce this week, I have a lot to use up.  I chopped the lettuce pretty finely in an attempt to make it a little more traditional.

For a pre-gym snack, I had one of these bars:

I mentioned before that I had tried these Good Greens bars from my chiropractor’s office, but could never find them anywhere else. They are SO GOOD!  So I finally bit the bullet and bought a box on Amazon.   Worth it.   Especially because  I did the Prime trial on Amazon and had free shipping for about a month.  You can bet that free shipping was an enabler to my shopping addiction.  Luckily or not maybe, I just had to cancel my trial so I didn’t get charged for the full year.  Does anyone pay for Amazon prime?  Would you say it’s worth it?  Seems like if you buy enough off of Amazon it could be a pretty good deal although I don’t know that I do.

Anyways, back to the bars.  The sugar is a little high but they pretty much taste like a delicious candy bar but what is in them is a Green superfood powder that apparently provides 100% daily vitamin needs.   They sort of advertise like the green superfood can replace fruits and vegetables–obviously this is not the case and seems like it could be misleading.  But after looking at the comparisons that they do to Clif, Lara and Kind bars, it is easy to see they are much better.  Higher in protein, lower in sugar, calories and carbs than all three brands and about in the middle in terms of fat grams.   Also they are gluten free AND have probiotics and omega 3′s.

OK I just basically talked myself into buying another box of them, so you guys should probably try them.   And, I should probably be hired on as a spokesperson and be sent free bars for life because clearly I am obsessed with them.  I know that bars aren’t always seen as being very great nutrition wise by a lot of dieticians/nutritionists/etc. and in most cases I agree that they actually don’t have a whole lot going for them.  But sometimes they are the easiest thing to eat on the go.  So might as well eat one that is providing some protein and lots of vitamins.   Oh and tastes like a candy bar.  Plus, even compared to protein bars, the sugar is much lower.

Alright, tangent over.  Sorry bout that.

In other very exciting news, I recently bought this bag from Zara:

I actually have two similar bags–this black one and another nicer tan one that my parents bought me for my birthday.  I think they will both work really well for travel because they are very roomy but still pretty light (more on the travel details to come hopefully soon!).  The tan one is real leather but this black one is not and was only 50 bucks.  I have gotten a ton of complements on both, but if you are in the market for a new bag, I would highly recommend.   Black tote bag here, leather one hereThis one is really cute too!

I am in the process of making a new breakfast recipe using quinoa which I have never done before.  I hope it turns out so I can share it with you.

Have a great night!



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2 Responses to Thursday Tangent

  1. Charlene

    Just wondered how you liked Magic Mike? Another good movie to see is Ted. It is hysterical, especially if you like Seth McFarlane humor. Every time I think about it I start laughing.

    • Katie

      I liked it although I thought the main actress was horriblee and every scene she was in kinda sucked as a result. I also wish the guy from True Blood had been in it a little more :) . I have wanted to see Ted! It does look really funny so I will have to check it out!

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