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Happy Friday!  Hope everyone had a great week!

I finally got my hair done this week.  My roots were reallyyyy bad so it was a relief to get it done.  I was putting it off for so long because I was having a really hard time finding a stylist that I like.  I have gone to probably 10 people and I just never have clicked with anyone.  I either don’t like the cut, or more often don’t love the color.  But with this cut, I finally found someone that I like which is very exciting!  I left the salon feeling so happy because I think she is THE ONE!



Much better!

Yesterday I was on my way to a doctor’s appointment at lunch when I spotted a sign that read ‘salad bar’.  This was enough to peak my interest and on the way back from my appointment I stopped in to check it out.  The place is actually called Mac Kelly’s Greens & Things and I can’t believe I am just discovering it now.  I used to walk by this place all the time.  Luckily, my office isn’t too far away now either.

The salad bar was awesome!  3 kinds of lettuce, tons of vegetables and fruits, lots of dressing choices, pre-made salads and more!  Some of my favorite salad bar items are:  tuna, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, lots of sprouts, beets, olives, pickles.

They also had tootsie rolls by the register, kombucha and lots of interesting snacks.   Could this place GET any cooler?  I think not.  You can bet I will be back…and often.

I didn’t get as big of a salad as I would have normally because I had some other food back at the office, but the salad was a pretty decent size (probably would be big enough for a normal person) and my total came to $5.33!   I was in shock over how cheap it was.

My salad contained:  lettuce, olives, grapes, cottage cheese, sunflower seeds, peas, a little bit of tuna, tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, beets and sprouts.  Now that I list everything out it sounds like kind of a gross combo, but it tasted delish.

I got the dressing on the side because I didn’t think I would need it with the cottage cheese.  But I wanted to try it because the dressing was Cucumber Wasabi.  It was interesting…probably wouldn’t have gone with some of the items I got but I did really like it.

Finding this salad bar seriously made my day.  I guess it doesn’t take much to impress me!

My parents and brother are in town this weekend to celebrate my bro’s birthday, so recap posts to come.  Have a great weekend!


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