May Supper Club: Kids theme

Hey everyone,

Happy Weekend!  Well for me it is at least because I am heading to Nashville tomorrow morning for a Bachelorette party.  I’m so excited.  Has anyone been to Nashville before?

I just realized today that I haven’t gotten around to talking about Supper Club yet!  We had it at the beginning of last week and Mer and I hosted this month.  I totally slacked on the pictures (what else is new).  We ate outside on the back porch which was fun because it was such a nice night.

This month’s theme was ‘Kids dishes’ and we all re-did a classic kids dish or made something we liked as a kid.

This theme was fun because it made me think about what I used to like as a kid.  I get the feeling that I was sorta a strange child (strange but awesome).  My dad and I were talking recently about the games we used to play when I was little.  My mom worked nights so I spent a lot of time with my dad and we would play games like ‘hide the shoe’ and ‘name the plant’.  Clearly I am never one to state the obvious.  Some of my favorite foods were mac and cheese (kraft) and my mom would make faces using the mac and cheese as hair and fruits and veggies as the nose, mouth ears.  I also loved having breakfast for dinner at the counter instead of the kitchen–because if you are eating breakfast at the wrong time of day, you clearly cannot sit where you would when you eat dinner.  Told you, strange.

Luckily, Kristen had the mac and cheese covered.  We all told her we wanted her to make the mac and cheese that she made at our breakfast supper club and she agreed–thank god because it was SO good.  I love homemade mac and cheese even more than the blue box.

Next up, Mer made fruit salad.  I love fruit salad and I think I probably liked it as a kid too.

Alex made another of my fav’s…pigs in a blanket!  I used to love these sooo much especially when we went camping.

Jennifer made peanut butter and jelly ice cream.   I don’t even really like ice cream (I know that is kind of strange) and I loved this so much!  It was mostly a peanut butter flavor and then the jelly was mixed in so you would get random bites of it.  I actually didn’t like peanut butter and jelly growing up but that is because my mom always made it on this hard french or italian bread and the jelly would soak into the gross bread. ugh nasty.  So I always thought I didn’t like it but then had it at a friends house and realized how good it was.   Then, I let her know what was up and she started making it the good way which was on Wonder bread (which I admittedly wouldn’t eat now so I can see why she didn’t know to use it).    I also used to eat George Foremaned pb and j’s in college a lot–if you haven’t had a grilled pb and j, I highly recommend it–on the right bread of course.

And last but not least, I made grilled cheese.   Instead of using Kraft singles and wonder bread for the kid version, I used a sourdough loaf of bread and two kinds of cheese–swiss and american.  I also mixed up what I added to which sandwich.  A few were plain, a few with basil, a few with carmelized onions and one with honey mustard.


Sorry for the slightly bad pics, it was dark by the time we ate.

What was your favorite food as a kid?

Time to go find what to wear this weekend and pack!  I’ll be sure to post some  pics next week. Have a great weekend!



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3 Responses to May Supper Club: Kids theme

  1. Karen Jallos

    Need to know if you blanched the cauli and broccoli…for karen….

    And Kate, Nashville is soo great..just do the downtown at night and waltz in to every pub and listen to a different live group…rock, bluegrass, country, everything, and you don’t even have to buy a drink… might. :-) . We toured the Country Music hall of fame and the Old Grand Opry..stayed in Opryland ( enroute to a wedding). But the Union Station has a cool bar and is a beauty historic hotel downtown…pretty river front and a pub right on the river. KJ ( friend of MBs)

    • Karen

      Hi Karen, I didn’t blanche the cauliflower and broccoli but had it the day I prepared it and again the next day for lunch and it is so much tastier the next day.

    • thanks Karen! We definitely tried to go to a good mix of bars and I loved how there was live music everywhere! It was so much fun!

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