Spring Cleaning

How was your weekend?

This weekend in between a few appointments, Meredith and I also did a lot of spring cleaning.  Our whole apartment is sparkling clean and organized which makes me happy.   We also worked on a project that I hopefully can show you soon (it is taking a lot longer than anticipated).

I finished reorganizing my closet too!  Well mostly…

This is my dress/skirt section which I have not reorganized with new hangers.  But, since it is on the same wall as the door to my closet, I’m not as worried about it because if it is a little unorganized it isn’t as noticeable.

I also thought I had before pictures but realized that I don’t….just imagine everything as messy and less organized :)

Not perfect…but so much better!

I also have the recipe for the second Bon Appetit salad that I made (first is here).   This second salad was a good one too.

A combo of tuna + white beans mixed with radiccio and a parsley vinaigrette.   Right when I saw this salad I knew I wanted to make it.

When I was studying abroad in Australia, my friend Katie and I would always go to the food court on our lunch break where they had a great place that mixed salads and served them out of a take out box.   My favorite combination was a salad mixed with tuna and white beans–which I had never tried before.   It was the perfect lunch–and so filling, it would keep me full for hours. This one is pretty similar in taste, and if you have never tried the combo, I highly suggest it.

I also loved the parsley vinaigrette.  I used a little bit less oil than the recipe called for so my vinaigrette was a little thicker and more of a pesto consistency–but still tasted delicious.    Recipe can be found here.

Ready for the next workweek to begin?  I feel much better going into the week organized…but I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to my 7 AM Monday meeting…brutal.


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