Sauteed Scapes (Spring Garlic)

While at the Farmers Market in Port Austin last weekend, I came across a farmer selling scapes.  Whenever I find food that I haven’t seen or tried before I’m pretty surprised.  I had never tried scapes and don’t recall ever seeing them for sale before.  Scapes are sometimes called spring garlic, immature garlic or green garlic.  They look like they could be sea creatures to me.  Scapes are garlic that is harvested before it matures and looks a bit like a green onion.  I sauteed them and we gave them a try as a stand alone veggie.  There was no question we were eating garlic.  Next time I come across them I would think about dicing them and tossing them into pasta, potatoes or rice for a nice hit of garlic with a lovely green color.  They were fun to serve whole because the shape was quite interesting, you could see the portion of the scape that would become the bulb of the garlic.  One scape is roughly equivalent to one clove of garlic. There were definitely no vampires lurking around the house after this meal.  I tossed the skapes into a small saute pan and added a couple teaspoons of butter to the pan and cooked them over medium high heat, tossing them until they softened a bit.  Check out this out in the New York Times Diner’s journal for a few other ideas.

I haven’t been cooking as much as usual but have a couple parties here this weekend so I hope to have a nice assortment of recipes to share very soon.



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