Restaurant Review: Jam and Honey

Hello friends!  Happy Wednesday!  I cannot believe it hit 80 degrees today.  Totally made my day.  I had some trouble concentrating at work because I just wanted to be outside!  I finally headed out for a run and then ended up catching up with a friend and got in a nice outdoor walk.  It was great!  Crossing my fingers that this is spring and it doesn’t get cold again–I don’t know if I will be able to handle it if it does.

Anyways, I still have a few restaurants to talk about from last weekend.  Saturday morning Mer and I tried out a new brunch place–Jam and Honey.  It is only a few blocks from our apartment and we had been wanting to try it but there always seems to be a really long line.   Since Saturday was warm and sunny we decided to just give it a try.   They told us it would be 20 minutes and it ended up being more like 30 which was kinda annoying, but because it was nice out we didn’t really mind.

When we got seated the first thing that I noticed is that each table has a giant jar of Nutella–which is awesome.

The menu has both breakfast and lunch and a pretty big variety.  I was a little bit hungover (3 shots of rumplemintz will do that to you..yuck)  so I knew I needed to avoid any of the sweet dishes.  I also always think eggs sound awful when I am hungover, but I read somewhere that they are supposed to help with hangovers so I ordered the eggs florentine.  Eggs contain cysteine so eating eggs the morning after a drinking can help remove the hangover-causing alcohol toxins from the body.

I figured it was worth a shot.   I got the hollaindaise sauce on the side and the dish came with potatoes.   I liked it but didn’t love it.  It just felt like something I could make at home.   Although I don’t know how to make poached eggs…I need to learn.

Meredith got the breakfast sandwich which had eggs, sausage (I think it normally comes with bacon), grilled onions and swiss.  She said the sandwich was okay but it was kind of a weird combination.

The service was really good though and after initially waiting for our table, everything was really fast.  The restaurant is also BYOB which is a cool idea for a brunch place because you can bring your own champagne for mimosas.  Definitely was not feeling that option on Saturday though.

At the end of our meal, we pulled our cards out and our waitress told us they only take cash.  That part is kind of annoying–I almost never have cash on me.  I don’t know if it will always be like that or not.  We had to give the waitress our IDs so we could go get cash and come back to pay.

All in all, I think this place was just okay but I also want to give it another shot (when I am not hungover) and can try something sweet–because it seems like that is what they are known for.

Something else I ate last weekend?

Pinkberry!  I can’t believe I haven’t had it here in Chicago yet so I finally did!  They have a lot more flavors than the 2-3 they used to have…I think they have 6 or so now.  But I still stuck with good ol original, topped with mango and kiwi.  So good.

Do you guys like Pinkberry?  I know some people think it is overrated but I loveeeeee it.

This week is flying by so fast….see you on Friday! Have a great night!




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  1. Jean

    We LOVE Pinkberry and am wishfully hoping they open one close to home in Grosse Pointe.

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