Restaurant Review: Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi

A few weeks ago, I went with a few girls to dinner at Sakura Teppanyaki and Sushi in Lincoln Park.  I had been wanting to go to this place ever since it opened since I love teppanyaki places so I was happy that we finally made it happen.

We were seated at a grill next to a party of two that came in right behind us.   There were also a few groups of people at the grill next to us who looked like they had been waiting for awhile–which made us a little nervous right off the bat.

But pretty soon, a waiter took our drink order.  He let us know that signature cocktails were only 5 dollars that night, so of course we all ordered one–and then another.   My first drink was just ok–it was something with sour mix in it.  Alex had gotten a pear martini that was sooo good, so I ordered that for my second drink.  I can’t find the drink menu online, so I can’t remember what the exact drinks were.  But they definitely had some really interesting combinations.

We also all ordered teppanyaki–I got the chicken.  The teppanyaki dinner came with miso soup, salad, veggies and fried rice and all for only 18 dollars which seemed like a real steal.

The service was a little bit slow, but we eventually were brought the miso soup and salad with a ginger dressing.  Both were delicious and I had really high hopes for the meal after eating these two.


A little while later, our teppanyaki chef came out to heat up the grill.   I wouldn’t say it was much of a ‘show’ like some teppanyaki places are known for, which was fine with me but might be disappointing for some.  He  gave us each a few shrimp that he had cooked along with the fried rice, vegetables and chicken (in my case).

The shrimp were pretty good and the vegetables were ok, but I thought the rice was pretty bland and the chicken was straight up gross.   It was really chewy and I had more than a few pieces that I had to spit out (which I try to never do in a restaurant because…uh, it’s rude to spit your food out if you are over 5 years old).

Alex and Mer both had the beef and they said it was good, so maybe it was just the chicken?

Also, I have only been to teppanyaki places a few times before but I remember it being a ton of food.  Here, the main course was not that much food.  I mean, it was enough…but they definitely skimped on the vegetables….see picture above.   The biggest portion of the three was the chicken=of course!

All in all, the apps were good, main course was not so good and the service was just okay–although I think they might be slightly understaffed and that problem could be easily cleared up.  I’m not sure if I would go back–I really wanted to like it and as far as I know it is the only teppanyaki place in the area, so maybe I will give it one more shot for that reason.   But I will definitely avoid the chicken.

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