A non-lazy Sunday

So I tried to post last night but had some technical issues.  My internet appeared to be working but only for some sites–and this of course, was not one of them.  So here is the post that I intended to put up last night….

Sometimes lazy Sundays are the best thing ever.  But this weekend, I had a lazy Saturday so I definitely felt the need to get a few things accomplished on Sunday.   It must have been that extra hour of sleep because once I woke up I was ready to get going.

I cleaned, did a few loads of laundry and made 3 recipes all before 11 AM.  That is very rare–I am not an earlybird on weekends.  

The 3 recipes that I made in the morning were all recipes that I found on other blogs in the past few weeks.

First up, I made Gina’s Quinoa Trail Mix Muffins but I didn’t have any maple sugar on hand, so I used some stevia.  And not enough.  Luckily, I used a fair amount of  chocolate chips and dried fruit so they came out sweet enough–but next time I’ll definitely make them using the maple sugar that the recipe calls for.   These make a great healthy treat/snack and I love that they have such a different texture from all flour muffins

Next was some homemade rolo’s that I found the recipe for on Oh She Glows.  I love Rolo’s–my dad and I always used to eat them on car trips ha, and these sounded great because they are homemade and healthier than the real thing.  They use dates with a little bit of nut butter in place of the caramel center. 

I know…I just have a way of photographing food that makes you want to jump up and make the recipe immediately don’t I? :) .   My level of skill takes years to perfect so don’t go thinking that this picture is something you can recreate overnight.

I was a little bit skeptical if they would taste like Rolo’s, but they seriously are almost dead on.  I should have known better because I have loved pretty much all of Angela’s recipes that I have made.  These make a perfect sweet treat and they weren’t too labor intensive either.  I plan on making another batch for Thanksgiving–maybe they would work in this dessert that I’ve had my eye on.   

The third recipe was savory not sweet, and I don’t even have a picture for you because I ate it too fast.  Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Miso sauce  from Daily Garnish.  Um yeah,  I’m going to be putting this sauce on everything.  I had never worked with miso before, but this one is super simple–trust me, go make it asap.  

Miso paste can be found wherever the tofu is in your grocery store–I got mine at Whole Foods.

After I made these three recipes, I took a little break for a home workout.  (It has been awhile since I posted a workout!)

I did the following:

6 Rounds–No rest in between exercises, 45-60 s rest in between rounds
10 Burpees          
10 Jump Squats        
10 Push-ups        
10 Toe Touch Sit ups        
10 Tricep Dips        
10 Plank Jax        
10 Lunges- 10 each leg (20 total)      
10 leg drops        
30 second plank on forearms      

It was taken from the Bodyrock 1000 rep workout which you can find here along with a video of how to perform each exercise.I kept mine pretty similar, except the Bodyrock workout is obviously harder since it 400 extra reps :). I switched a few exercises too–6 rounds is all I had time for and this was definitely still a very challenging workout! 

After a few errands and a holiday DIY, I made a grocery store trip and one final recipe…stuffed peppers. 

I had 4 peppers left in the fridge so I decided to make them into stuffed peppers using spicy ground sausage, zucchini, quinoa, tomatoes, basil and parsley.  Random mix, but it worked.   No real recipe, just used about a pound of meat, 1 large zucchini, handful of tomatoes, 1/4 cupish of chopped parsley,  couple pieces of basil and thats it!  Because the meat I used was already seasoned, I didn’t need to add much in the way of seasoning. 

I wasn’t really thinking though because the peppers I had were mini and I made a whole lot of filling.  Looks like I will be eating lots of filling sans peppers this week…

Melted cheese on top, served with a spoonful of greek yogurt.  They would also be great with an egg on top! 

So there you have it, my most productive Sunday ever.   I don’t expect a repeat of that for awhile to come but it’s nice every once in awhile. 

Are you productive on Sundays or are they a rest day?  How was the rest of everyone’s weekend? 



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