No oats oatmeal and poor man’s shrimp!


 Happy Thursday!  Finally, only one more day until the weekend!  

I made two random (and very different) recipes this week that I think are worth trying.

One from Bon Appetit and the other I got from Tina.  

I eat oatmeal for breakfast pretty much everday.  Lately I have been making overnight oats, except that I actually cook them briefly at night (milk+water+oats) and then just pour them into a Tupperware, add chia seeds, protein powder and frozen fruit and eat them with a spoonful of cookie butter on top in the morning.  I eat them cold, which I know sounds strange, but don’t knock it till you try it!  The chia seeds are very important because they help thicken the whole thing up overnight.  Overnight oats do not work as well without them.   If you are interested in a more detailed overnight oats post, let me know :) .  It is pretty much my favorite breakfast ever.  I talked about them a little bit in this post too.  

The recipe I found on CarrotsnCake (originally from Paleo) is for ‘oatmeal minus the oats’ which is actually an egg dish made to look and taste like oatmeal.  Since I have been trying to get more protein in, I thought I would give it a shot although I was a little skeptical about how good it would be.  Turns out, it is delicious! You basically combine 2 eggs (you can use egg whites or egg beaters instead), 2 T flax seed, chopped walnuts, a mashed banana and a dash of vanilla and cook on the stove just like you would with oats.  It cooks to a very similar consistency, and then once it is cooked you can add whatever you want! I added a few more walnuts and cookie butter (obviously).  I also added frozen berries while it was cooking (which is why the ‘oats’ are purple). 


If you like oats and are like me and looking for more ways to get protein, give it a try! I don’t think I will make it all the time because I do still love oats, but it was definitely a good way to mix it up. 

Next up is a recipe for cauliflower shrimp from Bon Appetit…recipe here.  Apparently ‘the poor mans shrimp’ is cauliflower boiled with onion, lemon juice, old bay and salt.   You basically boil the shrimp for a few minutes in this mixture and serve with cocktail sauce for a great alternative to shrimp!  I was a little skeptical but figured if I could make a vegetable taste like shrimp, why wouldn’t I?  When I first tasted just the cauliflower alone, I was a little disappointed.  Then I added the cocktail sauce and it really does taste A LOT like shrimp.  Maybe you could dip anything in cocktail sauce and have it taste that way?  I think it has a lot to do with similar texture too.  But if you like shrimp cocktail, I think this is a good recipe to try, and very unique too!

Spice Mixture boiling away:



Any cool recipes you have found lately from around the web or other blogs???


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