Long Weekend Eats

Happy Sunday!  But actually today is like Saturday because I don’t have work tomorrow.  Anyone else have tomorrow off?  I actually have been doing a lot of work today.

My plan was to get 1/2 done today and do the other 1/2 tomorrow so I don’t have to do it all at once.  So far today I have gotten about 40 pages done, which I guess is a pretty solid chunk (that sounds like nothing but it takes awhile to read each page since I have to look up definitions and things).  I have had trouble concentrating though…makes me wonder how I was ever able to study for long periods of time.

My weekend has been pretty low key.  Besides getting a lot of work done, I needed to catch up on some blog work and log some time in the kitchen.  I have some new recipes in the works and I think you guys will like them!

Meredith and I went to Whole Foods on Saturday for an event they were having called Passport to Health.  Every different section of the store had a free sample and after each sample we would check off our ‘passport’ and then turned it in at the end to win free stuff.

I was really excited about it because who isn’t excited about free stuff, but the samples were kind of lame.  We sampled guacomole–which was good, grapefruit and avocado salad–didn’t like, kale salad–didn’t like, granola–was ok, sweet potatoes–taste was ok but they were served cold which I thought was strange.  The best thing was the bread pudding in the desserts section.  I was originally going to try and make a lunch out of free samples but that didn’t really work so I ended up needing to eat afterwards.  Normally I love the events at Whole Foods, but this one was kind of a bust.  The good thing was we did get a coupon for a free class.  The Whole Foods in Lincoln Park is awesome and one of the biggest in the country.  They just opened up a Wellness Center which offers yoga, nutrition classes and of course cooking classes so I think I will use it for a fun cooking class.

I also needed to get my oil changed and finally bit the bullet a few thousand miles overdue.  I went to the same place I went last time–which was probably in the summer.  I went into the office, and the service guy came in probably about 30 seconds after I had and said ‘Oh, hi Ms. White’.   I asked how he remembered my name and he said ‘I never forget a beautiful face’.  Kind of creeepyyyyyyyyyyyy considering I have only been there one time and it was at least 6 months ago.  I’m still really confused how he knew who I was.

Anyways, here are some recent eats:


Cucumber and passionfruit mojito and chicken enchiladas from Barrio.  Barrio is a newish Mexican restaurant and this was my first time going.  The food was pretty good, but nothing spectacular.   I was thrown off a little bit when we were the only table in the entire restaurant on a Thursday at 8, but it was also snowing like crazy so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  I liked the enchiladas but I definitely have had better. I think the place is kind of trying to be ‘upscale’ Mexican food (I’m guessing based on the prices and various twists on the more classic Mexican dishes), but the food ended up being a bit bland.   The portion sizes are definitely big enough for a meal–I left really full but when I was initially served the dish, it seemed like the portion was small.  Maybe I was expecting to have leftovers for lunch the next day–because it always seems like Mexican restaurant portions are huge.  Or maybe they should just serve the food on smaller plates because the plate was so big, it looked like not much food at first.  The mojito was my favorite part, it was delicioussss.  So fresh and on special for 6 dollars.   While I didn’t love my entree, I would probably go back for the mojitos and chips/salsa alone.

Barrio Urban Taqueria on Urbanspoon

Other eats:

Salad with 2 hard boiled eggs and homemade ranch.

Mini cherry pie larabar.  I love larabar’s but I usually buy chocolate flavors.  I didn’t like this flavor at all.  I don’t like cherry pie, so I guess that would explain why.  I would never have bought this flavor but it came in my Birchbox this month.

Chocolate Chia pudding.  Recipe from Oh She Glows.  The photo is Angela’s too.  I came across this recipe the other day…thank god! Because I have not been able to stop eating chocolate all week, I was so glad to find something healthy that was still super chocolately.   It is also easy to make and healthy!  You definitely should make this!

I’m off to hopefully finish my reading for today.  See you Tuesday!


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