A few months ago I bought a groupon for Klutchclub.  I actually still have no recollection of buying it–but I got a reminder that it was about to expire so I guess at some point I must have.   Klutchclub is like Birchbox but instead of makeup, it is for health, wellness and fitness products.   Which is right up my alley…no wonder I bought it!  The groupon was for 3 months–but it was kinda weird because I got two ‘months’ on the same day and the last one within a week of the first two.  I’m pretty sure they just did that because of the groupon and it wouldn’t normally be like that.

I can’t really remember the differences between the 3 months but I thought I would share a few things I received.  One thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of is that all of the boxes came with a lot of vouchers or coupons.  I think I would prefer to receive more actual products.  The coupons would be cool if they gave a real discount on the price of something, but that wasn’t always the case.  For example, I received a 50 dollar voucher for a pair of flats that cost $150.  Kinda pointless because I’m still not going to pay 100 bucks for a pair of random flats.   One of the better vouchers was for a free month of online barre classes.  Hopefully I will actually remember to use that one.

Most of the products were food/drink related.  I had a B12 supplement the other day that was similar to a 5 hour energy.  I actually drank it before the wedding I went to last weekend because supposedly B vitamins can help prevent hangovers.  Plus, I just found out that I am B12 deficient, soooo I should probably be drinkin more of those babies.  It tasted nasty but then again so does 5 hour energy.   Did it help the hangover?  Eh, maybe a little.

This granola was awesome…

I have a small obsession with granola but I rarely buy it because it is so high in calories with a ton  of sugar.  And the serving size is usually something ridiculous like 1/4 cup.  Pretty sure I could easily eat 8 1/4 cup servings in one bowl.  For something that is considered a health food–it is actually not very healthy at all.  But, since this was in a prepackaged portion, I figured it was ok.  Notice how you can’t see any granola on the right?  Yeah, it’s in there, but obviously the portion is a lot smaller than what I expected.  But it was still tasty nonetheless and was pretty healthy as far as granola goes.  The blueberry flavor was great, especially since I had fresh blueberriest to eat it with.  If you like granola, I recomend this brand.

Next up…

This was a good snack!  These ‘chips’ tasted really good and they could make a good chip replacement when the craving hits.  All natural with only three ingredients.  These would never replace my beloved Herbs and Spices popcorn from Trader Joe’s (I have been eating way more of this stuff than I care to admit) but they were still pretty good.

I was most excited for the seaweed salad.

I love seaweed salad and almost always order it at sushi restaurants.  I wasn’t sure if this would taste the same since it came dried, but I was very hopeful.

All you do is add water and let it sit for about 10 minutes, then drain the water and add the sauce packet.   The salad had two kinds of seaweed in it–one was the good kind which was the same as what is in seaweed salads at restaurants (the really skinny pieces in the pic above)  and the other was a gross kind which was too thick and a little too slimy for me.  I picked out as much of the good kind as I could, but ended up throwing most of it out :( .  If it had just been seaweed type number 1, it would have been awesome and the dressing was exactly the same too. 

So, as you can see…I didn’t really dislike anything I got, but I also wasn’t blown away by anything either.  I was really hoping to find a new product that I couldn’t live without.   oh well…it was worth a shot.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

I don’t have many this weekend.  I am trying a new pilates class, doing some DIY stuff that I have had on my to-do list forever, probably going out one night and hoping the weather is nice so I can get in as much sun as possible….

and read this new book..


has anyone read it?  I have heard great things!

Have a great weekend!




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