July Supper Club

Tuesday was July supper club–fitting it in on the last day of the month!  I don’t know if you noticed, but we missed June Supper Club, we all were just too busy I guess and we missed it.

For July, the theme was summer and I decided to make a fruit and cheese plate.  I know this is kind of cheating because it isn’t really cooking, but for some reason, I just love fruit + cheese and crackers and it just feels like a summer time thing to me.  So that is what I ‘made’.

This month the part-ay was at Al’s new apartment.

Here is the cheese plate:

Fruit:  Cherries, Strawberries, Sliced apple

Cheese:  Pesto Pepper Jack, Brie

Plus Caprese Skewers which I originally saw on Pinterest a few different times.  Aren’t they cute?  Just slice a baby tomato, add some mozz and a little bit of basil, lightly salt and add balsamic.  I actually prefer caprese with just olive oil, no balsamic, but I know that isn’t traditional so I made it the traditional way.

+ assortment of crackers from Trader Joe’s

Al made bacon wrapped dates + a panzanella type salad–tomatoes, cucumber and sliced bread with olive oil and balsamic.  They were both sooo good!  Al also served the bacon wrapped dates with a red sauce from Trader Joe’s.  I’m totally blanking on what it was, but will have to get the name because I want to buy it again.


Mer actually made a really similar salad–hers was tomato, cucumber and onion:

Mer also brought an apple pie for dessert.  Apparently I am Un-American because I don’t like apple pie and I don’t like vanilla ice cream either.

Here is a pic of my plate:

If you see on the top left is Jennifer’s pizza.  I totally forgot to get a separate picture but it was SO good.   I ate this plate times about 2-3 of everything.

After dinner, we watched the Olympics for awhile and caught the tail end of women’s gymnastics.  I’m pretty sure we were all totally silent watching because we were in awe of how good they were!

Previous Supper Club’s here

Try not to be too jealous of my hair.

It was a fun night!  Now it’s time to gear up for Lollapalooza which starts tomorrow!  Have a great weekend!



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