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Hello!  Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Every weekend I say that I’m going to start getting ready for the week (cooking wise) early on Sunday or possibly on Saturday.  And every week I end up going to the grocery store at ‘prime’ time…around 5 pm and cooking after that.   I think everyone has the same idea as me based on how crowded stores always are.

I have a few things cooking right now, hopefully they will turn out so I can share them with you!  When I just wing recipes, I just never know if they are going to work or not.

Last Thursday was January’s supper club.  We all met at Kristen’s but this months theme was a little different.  We waited until the last minute to come up with a theme and ended up deciding everyone should bring their favorite dish but a healthier version of the traditional dish (if a healthier version was possible).

I had seen a recipe for a skillet pizza in Bon Appetit and really wanted to try it.  I don’t know if I would say pizza is my favorite food, but it is definitely up there.  This particular recipe called for bacon, parmesan cheese, swiss chard and clams.  I don’t cook with bacon a ton, but I had just made this salad and already had the bacon, so I figured it would be a good time to try it.

The recipe is here.  I only made a few changes.  I had already cooked the swiss chard so I just mixed up a sauce of a little bit of fat free half and half with the olive oil and garlic and clam juice.  I cooked it down into a sauce, added a little bit of salt and then added the clams and the (already cooked) swiss chard.  Then I added this to the dough that had already partially cooked in the skillet.  Other than that, I followed the directions exactly.  I really liked how it turned out!  I like cooking pizza in the skillet first, I think it makes the dough a little bit fluffier.  If you like crisper dough, it might not be the cooking method for you.

This recipe actually did seem pretty healthy for a pizza.  I used center cut bacon which has a lot less fat then regular bacon since it is the cut closest to the bone.  The swiss chard, bacon and clams gave the pizza a lot of flavor without having to use much cheese–only 1/2 cup parmesan for the entire pizza.

The other dishes that we had were spinach artichoke dip, eggplant parm, salad with goat cheese and walnuts and chocolate pudding with ‘Nilla wafers, m&m’s and whip cream.

I did a bad job at taking pictures, I forgot the salad, dessert and a plate pic!  Where was my head at?  I have no clue.




Nilla wafers always remind me of my grandparents.  They always always had Nilla wafers growing up.   The group was split half way:  3 of us said Nilla wafers reminded us of our grandparents, the other 3 had no idea what we were talking about.

My grandparents also always had Windmill cookies, have you ever had them?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them anywhere else besides their house.

See you Tuesday!


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