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This month for October Supper Club we went out to Home Bistro.  We decided on Home Bistro because we wanted to go somewhere new and had heard great things about this place.  Not only does it have a unique and often changing menu with daily specials, but it is also a byob which is always good in my book.

This month was just Jennifer, Meredith and I so we decided to share a couple of appetizers and also share 2 entrees.

I didn’t realize how dark the pictures were until after we left–so I don’t have too many pictures unfortunately but the restaurant was too good not to share.

We started with the assorted olives.  Mer and I dominated these–and they were really good–served with fennel and grapefruit which was a really interesting combo.

The appetizers we ordered were the artichoke and edam fritters with an aioli sauce.  These were SO good–really doughy, cheesy and delicious.

We also had the fried oysters which were served with polenta.  I had never had fried oysters and was excited to try them because I wasn’t even positive if I liked oysters–these were great!

For the entrees, we ordered the salmon which came with quinoa and a cucumber sauce and the lamb meatballs with polenta and fried eggplant.

The polenta that was served with both the oysters and the meatballs was my favorite thing of the night–it was very creamy and so good.  I love polenta and feel like I never make it anymore–this version has inspired me to try and recreate on my own.  Recipe to (hopefully) come soon if I can figure it out!

Barely visible polenta/meatballs:

We had initially planned on ordering dessert because Jenn had tried dessert here before and said it was delicious but by the time we were ready for dessert, we were all too full.  I was seriously stuffedddd from the dishes we ordered–probably because I ate basically all of the polenta by myself ha.  I was glad we decided to split everything because I got to try so much more than I otherwise would have.

The atmosphere in this place truly was very ‘homey’, the interior was warm and comfortable.  We went on a Tuesday night and it wasn’t very crowded at all, but I would imagine it is much more crowded on weekend nights.

Our waiter was also very attentive-and our wine was opened pretty much immediately-always a plus.

We each ended up paying around 30 bucks, not bad for the awesome food that we had and the unique dishes.  SO so good, I will definitely be back.  I also read that HB does a special on Wednesday nights with three courses for 30 dollars which would be a great night to try for Chicago people.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


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