Harbor Springs via iphone

Hi guys,  I don’t have a recipe for you but I do have a few recaps still to share–coming next week (RPM and Supper Club).  I thought I would do one last recap with a few more pictures I have from Harbor Springs via iphone.

Hike right before the storm.  Can you see above how burnt I am?

I kind of failed when putting sunscreen on…

Don’t worry I’m wearing a bathing suit ha.   My mom actually got more burnt than I did, but it didn’t seem to bother her.  I, on the other hand could not stop complaining about how much it hurt and also quoting Austin Powers—”I’m still alive but I’m very. badly. burned. and I’m in A LOT of pain”   I put sunscreen on, but I obviously missed a little bit.

On Sunday we were looking for somewhere to grab a quick ‘snack’.  My dad and I weren’t hungry but my mom wanted to get a snack around 4 so we decided to try out a Mexican place.  I thought it looked a little sketchy from the outside, but my parents assured me it was good.  The inside was actually pretty cool and each booth had a ton of artwork.   We ordered 1 chicken taco each and a plate of authentic nachos with beef, chicken and shrimp.  I had never had nachos with shrimp before.  I thought the taco was really good and the nachos were good but they just weren’t what I was expecting.  The cheese was more of a cheese sauce but it didn’t taste like one of those fake orange cheese sauces.

I think the people who weren’t hungry ended up eating more than the person who was.  I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to eat dinner but I had no problem with 3 courses.

Last but not least…a few more pictures of Chandler’s:

Sparkling wine, grilled romaine salad, dadster.   Verdict on grilled romaine–eh, it was good because I loved the dressing but the lettuce tasted a little soggy?  I don’t know, I would try it again before deciding.

I love this place—I can’t believe no one has ever taken me before!

Alright, off to get ready for a BBQ we are having tomorrow.  Have a great weekend.




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