Hannah’s Bretzel

Hello,  hope everyone had a great week!  Any plans for Memorial Day?  I am headed up north to Harbor Springs to hang out with the fam.  We are thinking about going ziplining too—so excited!  Has anyone been before?   I sort of feel like I’m forcing everyone to go and no one is that excited for it.   I’m also excited just to have some time to relax and hoping it will be warm enough to get some resemblance of a tan.

I forgot to talk about 1 last place that my mom and I went when she was here.   We had some bad timing when we tried to go to lunch on Friday because when we were finally finishing up shopping (for the morning) and hungry, we realized it was noon.  We tried to go to the Purple Pig but it was packeddd–since it is right on Michigan Ave we figured it would be.  We wandered around and every place we tried to go had about an hour wait.  Normally this wouldn’t be a huge deal, but we had plans to head out to the burbs early for our dinner at Seasons 52 so that we didn’t hit really bad traffic, so we just didn’t have the time to wait.

We ended up at Hannah’s Bretzel which I had heard good things about but had never been.

My mom and I decided to split two sandwiches and a salad.   We had the vegetable bomb which had cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, red onions, watercress, arugula and vinaigrette and we had the Bavari Asian (I think?–it looks the closest to what we had) which had sirloin, ginger, sesame oil, edamame avocado spread and sriracha chili spread.   The Bavari Asian was my pick because I wanted some sort of red meat, but I actually ended up liking the Vegetable Bomb better.  I thought the Bavari Asian was a little bland.


I just read on yelp that Hannah’s Bretzel removed the salt top from their pretzel rolls to cut down on sodium–I wonder if this is why?  I definitely thought both sandwiches could use a little more salt–but especially the Bavari-Asian.  But, I also think I tend to like foods a little saltier than the average person so that could be part of it–my mom didn’t think either one needed more seasoning. 

I definitely still liked both of the sandwiches and I loved that they had unique and really fresh ingredients.  We got chips as our side and they were salt and pepper kettle chips which might have been my favorite part–they are my favorite kind.

The salad was also pretty good–it had asparagus, cashews, goat cheese, tomatoes and beans.  I dno’t think we really needed the salad–we didn’t really eat much of it and I ended up taking it home with me instead.  I think we were really hungry by the time we got here since we had spent so long looking for lunch places. 

Hannah’s Bretzel seems like a great lunch spot, especially for the work week.  I definitely would go back and try a few different things, I would just make sure to add some salt if necessary.

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Tonight I am headed to RPM for dinner!  We have waited for a reservation for weeks and I cannot wait!  Fingers crossed that I run into Guiliana and/or Bill

Also I know we haven’t done the giveaway winner this week as promised, but I don’t have any way to get back to the other post from work (which is where I am posting from).  Winner will be announced next week, so there is still time to enter!  Thanks for everyone who has entered so far! 



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