Great Northern Michigan Dining

Here’s another bit I wanted to share about last weekend.  We had dinner Sunday evening at Chandler’s restaurant in Petoskey.  I really love this restaurant and was surprised that Katie had never been there.  Chandler’s is located behind the historical Symons General Store building in the gaslight district of Petoskey. It’s a cozy place with only 50 seats in the main dining room and a few more seats at the bar.  There’s additional seating across the courtyard in the wine cellar (the basement of Symons General Store).  In warmer months, seating is available outside on the brick courtyard that connects the wine cellar with the main restaurant.  Sunday was the first time I dined in the wine cellar; previously I have had dinners and lunches in the main restaurant or out in the courtyard.  I don’t think I’m going back unless I can get a seat in the wine cellar, I loved it.  It was so perfect to be surrounded by thousands of great bottles of wine while enjoying great food and great wine.  The service is always wonderful and Sunday was no exception.

Whenever I find beets on a restaurant menu I’m hard pressed not to give them a try and I really enjoyed the beet salad.  Katie and I had talked earlier in the day about grilling romaine lettuce on the barbeque and I told her I had tried making it once and was disappointed with the results but I wanted to revisit it.  When she saw the grilled romaine salad on the menu, she jumped at it.  Craig wasn’t afraid to stick with tried and true Caesar salad.  We also gave their sushi a try; the spicy tuna roll was delicious and beautifully presented.  I then had a perfectly prepared duck breast with an Asian flair.  I love to order duck in a restaurant, I have yet to prepare duck at home, I’m a bit intimidated by duck but give my time, I’ll get there.  Katie had Lake Michigan whitefish and Craig had a great steak.  Both were amazing.  We didn’t have dessert as we were all so pleasantly full from the main courses.  I’ve had dessert here before and have always loved the crème Brule.

So, if you find yourself heading to Petoskey this summer make sure to put Chandler’s on your list, it’s a great gourmet restaurant tucked away in beautiful Northern Michigan.

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