2012 Gift Guide: Gifts for the ladies

So….I did a gift guide last year…but I did it reallyy late in December so it probably wasn’t as useful as it could have been.  This year, I figured I would get my act together and put a few together much sooner.  And then I put it off a few times, so it still isn’t as early as I had hoped.  But, much better than last year!  Some of you might already have your shopping done for the most part, but hopefully you are still looking for a few gifts to finish up your Christmas list.  I was originally going to put some of the guides together into one post, but it just got to be too much/messy so I am going to split them up into 3 or 4.  That way they should be easier to find or go back to if you want.   Ladies first!  Obviously.

Ladies Gift List

1. Letter Initial Ring- or anything monogrammed :)

2. Hex Strand Necklace- Baublebar has a lot of great trendy jewelry for fairly low prices

3. Bow makeup bag- I always love to get new makeup bags.  This one does one of my favorites–bows–without being overly cutesy.

4. Polka dot snood-I love snoods because I think they are a lot warmer than regular scarves.  I have one and wear it on the coldest days.  This polka dot one is cute!

5. Faux fur snood-Again with the snood.  You can never go wrong with fur.

6. L’Oreal BB Cream – I was hesitant to tell you guys about this one since I already have trouble finding it in stores but if you haven’t tried BB cream, buy one for you and one for a stocking stuffer!  They are buy one get one 50% off at Ulta and this stuff is the best.  I have tried quite a few BB creams, including higher end brands but the L’Oreal is my favorite–it literally is magic.

7. Monogrammed Night Shirt - This was on back order last time I was stalking it at JCrew but it looks like it is back!  Could anything be cuter than a monogrammed night shirt?  Not much.  The striped version is awesome too-and on sale right now!

8. Perfume can be tricky–but I think Jo Malone is always a classic choice

9. Can’t go wrong with a beaded little clutch–will make NYE or any night out more special!

10.  I always love manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, etc.  Mostly because these are things I won’t normally spend the money on for myself.  They might be used often, but they still remain a classic gift.  Or if you want to go all out–why not just get this ‘Be your own makeup artist kit’–only 900 bucks (from Sephora)

 I hope these give you a few ideas.  I tried to avoid clothes for the most part because clothes tend to be harder to buy as gifts unless the person has been very specific about what they want (which is never a bad thing, in my opinion).  But, if you do have any clothes ideas that make great gifts too, share with me!  I am always looking for good ideas.

I will be posting a home, mens and possibly a kitchen gadget guide coming up in the next few days too.   Let me know if there are any others you want to see!



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5 Responses to 2012 Gift Guide: Gifts for the ladies

  1. Meredith

    Cute stuff! Great ideas Katie!

  2. jennifer

    AH love this! i’ve been waiting for you to post the guys version (need ideas for 20 somethings and our dads). ohhh what about “gifts for your boyfriend’s family”. OR “best (affordable) tech gifts” ahh i need ideas :)

  3. Jean

    You always have the best recommendations! Love the jewelry site and will try the BB cream. Thanks so much!!

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