May Foodie Penpal Reveal

Hi friends, Happy Thursday!

Today is a fun day because I participated in something new this month and can’t wait to share the details with you—a foodie penpal exchange!  Lindsay hosts the pen pal exchange on her blog and sets it up so each month anyone who signs up will send a box of goodies to one person and receive another box from someone else.  Anyone can participate, you don’t have to be a blogger!  If you are interested, definitely check out this months post with all the bloggers linked up.

I think it is such a great way to meet new people and also try out new products and think up a fun box of stuff that someone else would enjoy!

I was matched with Alyssa from the blog Don’t Look Down which I was very excited about because Alissa lives in Chicago too!  Always fun to meet another Chicago blogger.

She sent me an awesome box this month filled with some of my favorite stuff!  She checked out the blog and she did a great job sending me some of my absolute favorite stuff from the place you guys all hear me talk too much about–Trader Joe’s!


Ginger Cat Cookies, Think Thin Bars, Trader Joe’s Granola, Cookie Butter and a LaraBar.  All some of my all time favorites at Trader Joe’s plus a few new things that I had never tried.  For some very strange reason I had never tried any of the chocolate bars at TJs.  This dark chocolate bar is sooo good.   It definitely was gone long ago.  Alyssa also sent a Breakfast on the Go packet which was a mix of granola, yogurt covered raisins and nuts–I ate it right away and didn’t have the willpower to save it for breakfast but I think it would make a great breakfast if you can make it that long.

I was especially happy to have a jar of Cookie Butter to add to my rapidly diminishing stock (one jar I think)!  My all time favorite as you guys know.

Alyssa also sent me the cutest card…I’ll have to ask her where she got it!

Normally we just post on the person that we received from, but my penpal (the one I sent stuff to) isn’t a blogger, so I told her I would post her recap here!   Zoe lives in Florida so I decided to send her some Trader Joe’s stuff since I don’t think there are any (or very few) in Florida.    And I was happy to find that Zoe used to live in Australia!  I told her I was going to pester her for local secrets for when I can finally save up enough money to go back :) ….

Thank you SO much for your ahhh-mazing foodie penpal package! I received it at the post office and brought it back to the office to open in front of my coworkers. I’d told them about the program and they thought it was a fun idea, so it was double the fun to share the package with them. And, what a fun package it was! One of the things I’ve been missing from WA is Trader Joe’s (How did you know?!). There were some items I recognized, and some I had no idea were on the shelves. I have yet to try it all. I’m pacing myself [insert willpower here], but my new TJ product is officially Cookie Butter, thanks to you! I wont even pretend like my friend and I didn’t spread a dab on the delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies. Apparently, there is no will power when it comes to Cookie Butter. Please don’t judge me. 

I really appreciate all of your efforts! You have made my first Foodie Penpal experience so much fun and have given me inspiration for June.

I’ve attached a few pictures for your blog. Please feel free to post my message on the site. 
My next task is to make a batch of your chocolate chip cookies for the office. I’ll let you know how they turn out :)
And here is the pic she sent me:
And Zoe, I hope you know I would never judge when it comes to Cookie Butter!  I have put it on cookies before too so great minds think alike! :)
Definitely such a fun idea!  I am so glad I found this and am planning on continuing to participate next month too.  If anyone is interested definitely check it out!  It is a fun way to find some new foods or some that you already love and the limit is 15 dollars per month which I think is the perfect range to get just enough good stuff without also having to spend a ton of money.
Have a great night!




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3 Responses to May Foodie Penpal Reveal

  1. My family loves the ginger Cat Cookies and I’m a fan of the cookie butter. So glad they have it regularly now!

  2. I’m glad you liked the box! I hardly ever eat those Breakfast on the go packets for breakfast either! They work perfectly as an afternoon snack at work!
    I got that card at Target in the little dollar bins at the front of the store. They were on clearance too and cost me about 75 cents for three cards! Steal!

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