Fat Tuesday and Warby Parker decisions…

Happy Fat Tuesday!  Anyone celebrating?  I celebrated by trying King’s Cake for the first time.  It was delicious!

Is anyone giving anything up for lent?  I usually do give something up but I haven’t decided if I will this year.   My roommate is giving up shopping and I thought about doing it with her for a hot second, but I know myself too well and I know what will happen if I do.  Just like the years I have given up candy and then gorged myself on chocolate until I felt sick on Easter, I’m scared if I give up shopping, I will just want to shop and shop and shop when I am finally ‘allowed’ to again.

Today is an exciting day for reasons other than Fat Tuesday because I finally received my sample glasses in the mail from Warby Parker.  I have been debating if I want to buy a new pair of glasses for awhile because my current pair is kind of crooked and make me look a bit crazy.  The great thing about Warby Parker is that they will send you 5 pairs of glasses to try on (no charge, free shipping both ways), and then you can decide which you like.  The glasses are only 99 dollars including the lenses and the company also donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair sold which is pretty cool.

So today I thought I would show you the 5 pairs that I got and maybe you can help me decide which pair I should get–or none.  I am leaning towards thinking they all look pretty dumb on me, which is why I need your opinion!  Big decisions going on over here, I know.

Here are the choices:

Option 1:


Option 2:

Option 3:


Option 4:

The actual pair I have look too horrible to show you.  I will post some pretty bad pics of myself, but I do have some limits

But, this was my 6th option that I didn’t have room in my order for:

Option 5:

Option 6:  If you think they all look dumb (I won’t be offended since I am leaning towards this option)

Keep in mind I am wearing zero makeup in these pics so I (might) look a little better with some.  Just use your imagination.  Thanks for your help guys!

My food as of late has been a little bit…strange.  I think I caught my mom’s cold so I have been eating soup for lunch and I ate the randomest meal for dinner tonight and last night:  mashed red skin potatoes with chicken sausage and topped with a fried egg.  Side of ketchup.  And today I added some sauteed kale.  Not sure how I came up with this one…I felt like eating mashed potatoes, but once I made those I thought maybe I should add some protein so I added the chicken sausage.  Not sure how the egg got in there, but the mixture really is good!  Thinking I might have weird tastes right now though (or probably all the time).


I actually don’t have a full on cold yet, but just feel kind of off, so I’m trying to catch up on as much sleep as I can to get rid of this thing before the weekend.  Fingers crossed!



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4 Responses to Fat Tuesday and Warby Parker decisions…

  1. Kmac

    I think I like 5 and 6.. Maybe more number 6 :)

  2. Martha

    Katie…you look extremely cute in all of the frames! :)

  3. Aunt Sharon

    I am leaning toward option 6. But…you may want to get six more if you are not sure. Love you

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