Olives and Chocolate

2 ingredients that don’t really sound like they would go together, do they?  But in this recipe they do!

I debated posting this recipe as is because the pictures that I took are not very good.   I made the recipe at night and so the pictures that I took are dark and kinda shotty.   I wanted to re-make the recipe so I could take better pictures, but it has been awhile and my to-do list is just getting longer, so  I figured I would just post now because this is one of my all time favorite recipes and I want you guys to be able to enjoy it too!

The recipe is not my own, it’s from Epicurious (originally from Bon Appetit) and is for Chicken and Green Olive Enchiladas.  I came across it and the addition of green olives to enchiladas really intrigued me.  I love olives so I obviously thought they would make a great addition.  I also have had a few people who aren’t huge fans of olives try this dish and they loved it!  They really add a lot to this dish, so include them if you can.  However, if you really hate olives, I’m sure the enchiladas will still be delicious without them.

Homemade enchilada’s with homemade sauce sounds like a lot of work, right?  But, this recipe is a little longer than most I post, but it isn’t difficult–I was surprised how easy it actually was when I threw these together.

The recipe is here–I usually stick to the actual recipe pretty closely when I make this so no need to repost.  I will tell you that I think the chocolate is key in the enchilada sauce.  I am actually kind of picky when it comes to Enchilada sauce–I don’t like anything overly spicy but it should still be really flavorful.   I found that I hate Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce (which is saying something since I sing the stores praises basically every other day).  I like the more ‘authentic’ brands that are usually in a separate section of the grocery store, but this version is my absolute favorite.  If you try it–do NOT skip the chocolate.  Seriously, it makes this sauce.  I have used milk chocolate or dark chocolate if it is all I have, but don’t skip it all together.  Trust me on that.


The sauce takes about 40 minutes to make–which is kind of a long time, but it is worth it.  And the nice thing is that it can be made ahead if necessary.  I even had leftover sauce and froze the rest for next time.  Which probably leads you to wonder why I couldn’t just make another batch to photograph.  I’m wondering the same.    I know not everyone is a fan of leftovers, but these enchiladas actually do get better after a day or two!

As far as the chicken–this last go round was my very first attempt at poaching chicken.   Normally I just roast it because I think it is more flavorful.  But in this case, I don’t think it matters too much since the chicken is being mixed with the sauce before adding to the enchilada.  Or you could also use a rotisserie chicken if you want to take a shortcut somewhere (since you won’t be taking it on the sauce!).

So there you have it.  My very favorite enchilada recipe.  It might take time, but is definitely not labor intensive.  Don’t skip the olives, don’t skip the chocolate and I know you will love it!


Random Question:  If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life, would you pick Mexican or Italian?

I realized that I usually pick Italian food as my answer (because I’m just getting asked this question all.the.time), but if you look at the number of Mexican recipes that I post and how often I actually crave and eat Mexican food, I think I should probably change my answer.   For the record.  What about you?


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