A new egg salad

Happy Sunday!  I almost forgot that I was posting today because I have been busy in the kitchen making a few new recipes.   Hopefully to come this week.

I also am making these muffins my mom made into a bread.

I haven’t been making too many recipes lately because I have basically been living off of various versions of mozzarella, tomato and bread.

Version 1:

Grilled cheese: mozzarella, tomato, basil on sourdough

Version 2:

Tomato, mozzarella and one piece of (lightly) toasted bread with pesto in a ‘salad’

I was busy eating tomato and mozzarella for dinner last week, but for lunch last week I made a new kind of egg salad.

Most egg salad’s are made with mayo.  I made one with greek yogurt not too long ago, but the new one that I made has something a little different…

The secret ingredient is cottage cheese.  I combined 6 eggs with about a cup of cottage cheese.  Instead of just chopping the eggs, I mashed them up and then mixed the cottage cheese in.  I added tarragon, capers and salt.

This was so so good.  I plan on making it again this week.  It tastes SO good by itself, on bread, on crackers.  I love that the cottage cheese adds just the right consistency and provides that ‘mayo’ like taste without the calories and fat.

I know it doesn’t look very pretty, but it is a keeper and will definitely be my go-to egg salad recipe

Here are a few pictures from the weekend:


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