Easter Weekend Recap

Hello!  Hope everyone had a great Easter/Weekend.  I went home to spend the weekend with my family, so sorry for the lack of posting.  We were busy!  I didn’t get in until later on Friday, so we had dinner which I will leave my mom to review because I didn’t take any pics–steak, potatoes, asparagus and salad.   My mom and I both agreed we are a little asparagused out.  Sometimes when I really like something I eat too much of it and then need to take a little break from it.  I guess I have eaten way too much of it lately and my dad ended up eating the majority of it.

Saturday morning I went for a run and covered 3.5 miles.  It was fairly warm and sunny, so I ran half by the lake for some pretty views.

My mom and I got our hair and nails done and ran a few errands.  We stopped at WalMart for a few last minute groceries that I needed for an Easter recipe.  They had not one, not two, but three cranes.

Random fact about me: I am freakishly good at those things.  I win them a lot and will always stop and do one assuming I have the change on me.  This kid photobombed my shot (the nerve!), but you get the idea of the awesomeness going on behind him.   I actually didn’t play because we were in a rush.   But not too much of a rush for me to excitedly yell ‘three cranes!’ to my mom like I was the same age as the boy in above picture and her to pretend like she didn’t know me.

Some shots from Easter:

Birdsnest cookies (idea from Pinterest):  basically like Macaroons with a nutella top and 3 Robin’s Eggs.  I think I ate at least 10 of these between Sunday and Monday.   They would even be good without the Robin’s Eggs if you wanted to make them now that Easter is over.  My dad claims to hate coconut but tried a bite of one and ended up eating two more!

We had a pretty good spread which I also forgot to take a picture of!  I guess neither my mom or I were being very good bloggers.  We had: ham, salmon, mashed sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, tossed salad, barley salad with assorted veggies, rolls and brussell sprouts w/ pancetta.   I had deviled eggs x 3 plus a little bit of all of the above listed foods minus the ham.  The one major food that I dislike.  I actually didn’t eat too much actual food–see that dish of M&Ms/Robins Eggs pictured above?  I dominated that dish.  On top of the cookies, I must say I had a pretty bad sugar headache on Sunday night but it was well worth it.

If you can’t tell, I stopped taking pictures once everyone came over.  I set down my phone and forgot to take any more pics, including I forgot to take any pics of my cousins adorable kids!  I was too busy eating cookies and drinking wine I guess.    It was great to spend some time with the family though!

I took yesterday off and drove back in the afternoon.  That means the week is going to fly by! (I hope, nothing like feeling like it’s Monday when it is actually already Tuesday!).

How was your Easter?  Any hidden (aka useless) talents similar to my mad crane skills?


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