DIY Projects

I have been a blogging slacker lately and I feel like I have so many things I need to post about!

Although cooking is not one of them.  I do have a few restaurant reviews to come, but cooking and I have been on a little break lately.

Unless you count me trying to recreate the chilaquiles from John’s Place about 5 times…

Mine on the left, John’s on the right.  I have to say mine are not quite as good yet–but really close.  I think I need to add more cheese and I also need to figure out what the green sauce is, instead of just using salsa.  I also baked tortillas instead of using chips.  If you guys want the recipe, I can post it!  I know I will probably be getting a lot of requests after that appetizing picture :)   In the name of research, I’ll go back to John’s place and order this a few more times…I do it all for you guys, I really do.

Really though, I have mostly been more interested in DIY/home stuff lately than cooking/recipes.

I have some DIYs ready to post about, and a few that are in the works.   I have also been buying some new home related things.  Such as these guys who are riding around in my backseat with me:

$19.99 at Salvation Army–plus a 50% off lamp sale means 20 bucks total for 2 lamps!  They need new shades but even with buying new shades, they are a huge steal.

Here is a better view:

I have been painting and spray painting things metallic like it is my job:

And I upgraded a vase which was SO easy and turned out really well, if I do say so myself.

I got a plain old glass vase from work (someone left it out and said ‘free’ so I snatched it up)…

Then, I bought white puffy paint and puffy painted a shirt.  Oh..wait, that was in 1995.  I puffy painted my initials onto the vase (last initial in the middle).

I know the W is a little bit messed up, but it was too late to fix it, so I just hoped for the best.  Then, once the puffy paint dried, I spray painted the whole thing white.

And voila!  Of course, it is sorta hard to see in that picture, but in person it stands out pretty well.  The W looks a little better now that the whole thing is white.   All this for under 10 bucks.

And if your place of employment doesn’t leave out free vases for the taking, you can always find similar vases for a dollar or two at Salvation Army (my new fav spot).

I have also become obsessed with blue and white ginger jars.


Anyone know of a good spot to find them?  They have a ton on ebay but they are pretty pricey :(

I’m off to Supper Club, have a great night!



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4 Responses to DIY Projects

  1. jennifer

    do the chilaquiles have chicken in them, or can they be made vegetarian? yes post the recipe, looks delicious!

    also love the DIY stuff, spray paint is the best!

  2. Heather

    I LOVED the vase and made one for my sister for Christmas. Thank you

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