Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba Restaurant Review

The other night, Al, Mer and I went to eat at Cafe Ba Ba Reeba.   It is a tapas restaurant that is right in our ‘hood.  Meaning, I should eat there more often.  I kind of always forget about it, but after eating there, I remembered why I love it so much!  I was trying to think about what my favorite dish was, and I honestly could not pick one.   Everything that we ate was so delicious in it’s own way that it was impossible to pick my favorite.

Because the menu is pretty big, we decided to each pick 2 dishes and then share them all.  That way we all got to pick something and also try a wide range of stuff.

We started out with some white sangria.  I took a picture of it, but it is really blurry.  You get the idea, it was a pretty standard sangria.  I really liked how light the white sangria was, but if I had to pick, I think I prefer the traditional red here.

The first dish that came out was deviled eggs:

With the deviled eggs, you can order just one or a plate of 6.  We ordered one each but once we tried them, we wished that we had ordered the full 6.  So delicious.  The bacon was a great addition–might have to try that next time I make deviled eggs.

Next up was the bacon wrapped dates.  These are a classic and we had to order them.  They did not disappoint.

Better than my version-but not by much, can’t really go wrong with bacon.

Then we had chorizo sausage and chicken skewer’s which I somehow missed taking a picture of.  These were good but probably not my favorite.

Next up was scallops.  I already consider scallops to be one of my favorite foods–especially to order in a restaurant since I never make them at home.  One thing I don’t like about scallops is that they seem to be so hit or miss.  It is pretty easy to wreck or overcook a scallop (I know from personal experience).  These however were just right  Perfectly cooked and served in butter with green onions.  OK, if I had to pick a favorite this would probably be it.

Look at that butter.

Then we had the meatballs.  I have had them before and they are really good!  Can’t go wrong with a good meatball, eh?

After all this food, we were actually pretty full even though each thing was only a bite or two.   We had ordered another dish but thought he might have forgotten about us!  We were feeling ok that he didn’t bring it since we were all full, but it was also one of the best dishes (which we already knew since we had all tried it before).   And right as we were saying oh well we didn’t need it anyways, he brought it!  And I ended up being glad he did because it really is so good–goat cheese baked in tomato sauce with garlic bread

I guess it just counted as dessert.

By the time we left, I was really full.  But not stuffed or gross feeling even though a lot of the dishes we ate were pretty heavy.  That is the nice thing about having things served one at a time or in rounds with 2 with only a couple of bites each round.  By the time you eat everything, your body is already digesting and realizing that you are full.  I am very guilty of often eating really fast and not really registering that I am full so I continue to eat what is in front of me–especially when I am really hungry.   I need to try and slow down more when I eat and remember to enjoy my food.

Is anyone else guilty of doing that?

My computer is being typical of any electronic that I own and rebelling against me–the pictures keep deleting out.  I hope they show up!  If not, I will be sure to add them as soon as I can because what is a restaurant review with no pictures?

Have a great night!



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