Brunching and BYOBing

How was everyone’s weekend?  I had a pretty busy one!

Friday night we had a girls dinner at a new sushi byob (not actually new, just new to us) called Ukai.  Meredith, Alex, Kristen, Elisa and I went and it was a great time!  We finished 4 bottles of wine and 5 beers between all of us–about a bottle of wine each.   The restaurant has a really great atmosphere and I loved the modern decor.   I had read a couple of reviews that said the service was not great–but I thought it was fine, we never had too big of a problem.  I did get a different roll than what I ordered, but it was similar so I just ate it anyways.  The two rolls I had were the Crunchy Spicy Tuna and the Pink Lady.  The Crunchy spicy tuna was really good–but pretty standard for me because I always order spicy tuna (and actually hard ordered the regular spicy tuna but I think the crunchy version was probably actually better).   The pink lady was definitely my favorite.  It was salmon, avocado, scallions rolled with pink soy paper and topped with scorched salmon.  I don’t always love salmon but this one stood out to me for some reason and I’m so glad I tried it–it was delicious.

Pink Lady on the left, Crunchy Spicy Tuna on the right.  Sorry for the low quality pic!

Me and KG

Mer and Al

After we spent maybe a little too long at the restaurant (4 hours), we headed out to Wells on Wells.  When I got home around 2, our neighbor was passed out on our front porch.  So I did what anyone would do–stood over him laughing and taking pictures until he woke up.   Mer and I being the nice people that we are, let him sleep on our couch.  He was prepared to sleep on the street and even had a grand idea of throwing his wallet and phone through the mail chute so he didn’t get robbed.

Saturday I ran errands in the AM and then went to the Tigers/Sox game

Beer, Brats and people watching are most definitely the best thing about games…and baseball is sometimes fun too.

Check this out:

Cheese fries with chives, bacon and guacamole served out of a plastic helmet aka ‘helmut nachos’.  I had 2 fries–one just had cheese so it was delicious.  The second had guacamole on it–I don’t know how I feel about fries and guacamole together.

Sunday was brunch at State bar–not always my fav place especially at night because it is full of the DePaul/21 year old crowd…in fact I’m pretty sure State bar was on this list.  Or if it wasn’t it should have been.  But, the brunch is pretty decent.   Around 20 bucks (including tip) for all you can eat brunch and bottomless mimosas.   The brunch has a wide variety of breakfast and lunch foods.  Plus they also have a bloody mary bar.    The alcoholic in me didn’t love that the mimosas are basically all orange juice with a splash of champagne and for the ‘endless’ bloody mary bar, you actually only get 1 tiny bottle of vodka–so it is essentially 1 bloody mary for 7 dollars–not endless State Bar, not endless.

They did sort of redeem themselves with the truffle mac and cheese and candy bar.  I was able to shove about 5 pieces of candy in my purse–next time I would most def be a little more shameless about it and take more candy.

I had high hopes for the chicken and waffles but the waffles were soggy so I just ate the chicken.  I didn’t love any of the breakfast actually–the french toast was hard and the eggs were cold (yum!), so I just focused on lunch and watermelon for my second plate and enjoyed that go round a lot more.

It was a full weekend and a fun one!  What did you do over the weekend?



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  1. Sunil

    I made 20 pounds of pork shoulder smoked overnight and didn’t make this blog entry…..that’s what I did this weekend.

    • Katie

      I actually had the whole thing typed up but then I deleted it bc I’m dumb and didn’t take any pics! Send me a pic and I can talk about the big green egg. And that isn’t all you did…don’t forget about breaking your foot :)

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