Birthday Weekend Recap

Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend.  My parents and brother left a few hours ago, it was a really fun weekend with the family.  I told my mom I would post today since she is traveling back home but I realized she has most of the pictures from the restaurants we went to, so I figured I would just do a quick weekend recap with the pictures that I do have.

On Friday, I left work around 2 and met my parents at Macy’s.   We did a little shopping and I got this easter mix from Macy’s Candy Shoppe.

Fun fact:  My friend Alex and I both worked at Macy’s when we first moved to Chicago as seasonal employees.  She got to work in the jewelry section, but I had to work in the Candy Shoppe and it was not a fun job.  I would get nervous when people were waiting and I had to measure out the amount of candy–I’m pretty sure I gave the wrong amounts all the time.  I call it the Candy Shoppe because every time I would go into work I would sing Candy Shop by 50 Cent in my head.   But then I got scheduled to work on Christmas Eve so I quit.

Friday night we went to the restaurant in the hotel my parents were staying in (the Sofitel).   The restaurant is called the Cafe des Architectes.    The restaurant was participating in Chicago Restaurant Week too so we ended up getting a 3 course meal.   The meal was really really good, so I will review it further or my mom will since the pictures are on her camera.   At first I felt kind of uncomfortable taking pictures in the restaurant because it was an upscale place, but the food and presentation were so interesting that we decided it was worth it.

Birthday Cupcake!

Saturday, we met up for lunch at Feast which was also really good.  I was so hungry by the time we ate, I didn’t even think about taking pictures but I had the chicken caesar salad.

My mom and I shopped the rest of the day and both got some really good finds.  The stores were absolutely insane, I think a lot of people were in town for the long weekend.  We also forced my brother to go to Macy’s and it was painful to try and get him to buy new clothes.  I am on a mission to get him into a pair of jeans.  The kid does not own a single pair of jeans!  Mission not accomplished this weekend :( .

We went to Kinzie Chophouse last night which was also a really great meal.  They are doing restaurant week too but only my mom ended up ordering off the Restaurant Week menu and everyone else ordered off of the regular menu.   We told our waiter we were celebrating my brother’s birthday and he brought this:

So nice!

Finally on Saturday night we hit the bars (Andrew stayed and went out with friends on Thursday and Friday night).

We went to three different bars.  At the last bar the owner was working and gave us a lot of free drinks.   I was expecting my tab at the end of the night to be 60ish dollars and it was…..6!  Awesome surprise!  It was so fun to celebrate Andrew’s 21st with him!

Today we went to Derby before everyone left.  It was good but not great.  I ordered the catfish tacos which I thought were good but just a little bland.  The salsa was homemade but tasted like it had zero seasoning.   I think everyone else liked their food more than I did.  Although my brother mentioned that his burger definitely was a frozen patty.   And my dad loved the vegetable minestrone (he requested that I mention that).

All in all it was a great weekend!  I always love spending time with my family.

Anyone have tomorrow off?  I sadly do not.

Have a great night!


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