Birchbox Favorites

68 degrees out today.  So awesome.  I ran in shorts yesterday and today…

You guys know how I always go on and on about Birchbox and how much I love it.   If you haven’t signed up for it already, you really should.    My mom gets Birchbox now, and my roommate gets it too so it is fun to compare the products that we get each month and see who got better stuff.  My mom and Meredith seem to get full size products a lot more than I do though…wtf!

Anyways, the thing I love about it is I get a chance to try a lot of beauty products that I either:

1. would never buy because I would never pay that much for a product.  For how much money I spend on clothes/shoes/purses/other ridiculous stuff, I am relatively cheap when it comes to beauty products.  Sometimes I think the prices of shampoo and conditioner are even too expensive, so I just don’t use either one.  (kidding)

2. would not even know about.  I tend to stick with certain brands or stores when it comes to beauty products or use what my mom buys me.  See number 1.  My mom actually buys me a ton of makeup…not sure if she is trying to tell me something or if she is just nice.  I think she is just nice.

So really, I love Birchbox because I pay a really small amount to try out a ton of new products, and because each month I find myself getting really cool or unique stuff I would never otherwise know about.

The good:

1.  the Porefessional by Benefit:   I love Benefit, it is probably my favorite makeup brand.   So, if any of you are thinking of buying me a little prezzie, you know what to do.  I also am so self conscious about the pores on my face.  No, actually I’m not at all, I never really even thought about them until I got this product.  But then I realized I really needed to use it on my nose, and I think it actually makes a huge difference.   Thanks, Birchbox for bringing up flaws I didn’t realize I had.

2. Spackle Tinted Primer in Bronze by Laura Geller:  As you can see below, this one is almost empty.  I don’t always use primer, but when I do, why not use one that will make me look tanner since my skin is starting to look like I have never seen the light of the day.  Win

3. Borghese Active Mud:  I actually took a picture of myself using this and thankfully had the sense to delete it so I wouldn’t post it.  This stuff is awesome though!  You only have to leave it on for a few minutes and it made my skin very soft

4. Pink puff:  I’m not really sure why I love this thing so much, but I do.  Great for putting on foundation, or tinted moisturizer.  Plus it is pink, the 10 year old in me really enjoys that part

The bad:

Disclaimer: Nothing with the exception of number 1 is really ‘bad’

1.  Nail file.  UGH. I despise nail filing.  I hate when people file their nails around me because the sound makes me cringe and I never file my own nails.  Oddly enough, I can handle people filing my nails when I get my nails done, but only because I have to.  I do usually involuntarily pull my hand away at least a few times.

2. Foot cream.  Only because I pretty much neglect my feet.  Shown by the fact that a doctor the other day told me I had true ‘runner’s feet’ aka they are super ugly.  Maybe I should change that…

The ugly:

These crack me up…

I tried to put one on, but I couldn’t figure out how!

Any makeup that you can’t live without?  It doesn’t have to be from Birchbox..

My favorite non-Birchbox is this Rimmel eyeshadow my mom bought me in Smokey Purple

and my other favorite is Benefit’s tinted moisturizer, I usually use it in place of foundation.

Whew…a lot of makeup talk.  But I also made an awesome restaurant redo that I think you guys will like to be posted on Friday.

See you then!



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3 Responses to Birchbox Favorites

  1. Oh my goodness. The lip tattoo… that is too funny! Can’t see this as a practical every day product, lol!

  2. Oh my gosh, I feel the same way about nail files….eeew!!

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