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Hello!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  As I mentioned, my friend Rachel was in town as well as some of her close friends from college who I always love getting to see.   It was a great time!   We went to dinner at Butterfly on Saturday.  The lighting in the restaurant is awful for pictures though, so I didn’t take any of my food.  I do love is one of my favorite sushi places in Chicago.  They have a lot of great options, the sushi is always super fresh, they are pretty accommodating for large groups and it is a BYOB which allows liquor (and doesn’t mind when you bring in a half empty half gallon….classy).   The only issues I have ever had is 2 times we have shown up and they have had no record of our reservation.  However, they always managed to fit us in on these occasions with just a short wait so no big deal there.

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Sunday morning we started out at The Purple Pig which I have been wanting to try because I have heard such great things about it.  But we all sat down, took a look at the menu and realized it wasn’t the right time to try pork and cheese samples.  We left a 2 dollar tip just for being annoying (we hadn’t ordered anything) and left to get some greasier food.  We headed to Rock Bottom where we split some nachos which were delicious and I got a crispy chicken salad.  The salad could have been great, but it was strange because it was served cold.  I thought the chicken would at least be warm, but you could tell this salad had come straight out of the fridge.

Needless to say, I haven’t been doing much cooking lately.  I have tried a few new things that I thought were worth talking about.

First and most important:

My friend Alex and I have both been searching for Birthday Cake Oreo’s which are a limited edition flavor for Oreo’s 100th bday.  I even had some of my coworkers looking for them because I had maybe mentioned them one too many times ha.   Today after work, I found them at Treasure Island.  TI is one of my favorite grocery stores, but it is supposed to be a European grocery store, so I wasn’t expecting to find them there.   I was just a little bit excited to try them and happily, they are delicious!!

I also bought this Think Thin bar today and it got me wondering about why I don’t eat bars more for snacks.  I actually do eat them a lot, but I started wondering why I wouldn’t eat one everyday (I think I was also really hungry today).

The bar does taste a little tiny bit chalky….but it has 20 g of protein and 0 g sugar.  A lot of times bars with lots of protein are also loaded with a ton of sugar, so to see so much protein combined with no sugar is really impressive!  They are also gluten free.   Because these have a ton of protein + carbs and some healthy fat, I think they make a great and filling light breakfast or snack.  At 230 calories, they aren’t too much higher than your average bar with a lot less protein.

Next up: 

I sampled 2 of these bars in mini version because my chiropractor’s office had some free samples.   I tried the Raspberry Chocolate.  I couldn’t find all of the stats for these bars online, but they almost seem to good to be true!  I think this was quite possibly the best bar I have ever had.   And according to the website, their bars contain 100% of daily vegetables, fruits and vitamins.   How crazy is that!  It seems like these can only be bought on the web so I’m not sure if they can be found in stores.

Last but not least: Chocolate Dipped Coconut Luna Bar.

I am obsessed with these!  These are my favorite snack although they have a little bit less protein: only 9 grams.  They taste like dessert….just sooo good.  I eat at least one or two a week.

Any bars that are your favorite or that I should know about?   I think I’m going to try and make my own protein bars this weekend…




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  1. Aunt Sharon

    Kroger has the birthday cake cookies. Just saw them tonight, I thought it was a cake inside there. Keaton straightened me out on that one!!!!

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