April Supper Club

Hello, Happy Thursday!  Hope everyone is having a great week.

Last night was April Supper Club and it was a good one!

The April theme was salad bar and it seriously was I think my all time favorite.  I know, I know…I say that every time.

But this one was seriously good.  The idea was that we each brought 3-4 toppings of our choice and we tried to stick with each person bringing 1 vegetable, 1 protein and 1 or 2 ‘other’–cheese or whatever else we wanted to bring

This month was at Alex’s apartment so she made garlic bread and also had all of the lettuce.

From top to bottom:  spring mix, butter and raddicio and spinach + unpictured romaine.  I loved all the choices!

Toppings were: artichoke hearts, mushrooms, avocado, tomato, cucumber, red and yellow peppers, hard boiled egg, chicken, bacon, blue cheese, feta and mozzarella cheese.   And I also was planning on bringing sunflower seeds and forgot…grrrr.  Oh well, we definitely had plenty!

For dressings we had Goddess dressing (from Trader Joe’s–really good!), Newman’s Caesar, and I also made a vinaigrette with almost equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar plus a splash of honey and mustard + a garlic clove, salt and fresh rosemary.   All blended up in the bullet

Look’s awesome, huh?  Ha, it tasted good though!

Here is plate #1:

I split this plate into 2 so that I could have 2 different salads.  Except I combined all the kinds of lettuce for both salads

Half number one contained cucumber, chicken, blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes, avocado and balsamic:

Second half was mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts, feta, tomato, egg and goddess dressing.   There really was no method to my madness of what I included on each side.

After finishing this first plate, I made a second

And I had two pieces of (homemade) garlic bread which I loved!

I was SO full after two huge salads but it was a different kind of full than after our normal supper clubs when I usually stuff myself full of carbs.  Seriously, give me a great salad bar any day of the week and I could not be happier.

We also had cupcakes that Mer made to celebrate Al’s birthday which is next Monday.  Happy almost Birthday Al!

The topping is Trader Joe’s Baker Josef’s Elegant Cocoa Pearls.

On top of the food, we had 5ish bottles of wine (between 4 of us).  Needless to say I wasn’t feeling so hot this morning.

I walked into work and then immediately left to go buy this:

This looks small but it is actually one of the really big containers.   I only like the taste of coconut water if it is ICE cold…but it is one of the best hangover cures around if you ever are in need of one.    After 3ish glasses, I felt like a new person and my headache was totally gone.

Any other hangover cures you swear by?  Usually I say greasy food.  My dad swears by a filet of fish sandwich from McDonalds.  Can’t say I’m willing to try it…but hey, I guess if it works.

Have a great night!  See you this weekend!


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