What’s in my fridge?? Katie Edition

I always love when bloggers post random tidbits into their life.  What can I say, I’m nosy.  I like to see their houses, closets and most importantly…fridges.  Some bloggers seem to keep a very clean and organized fridge.  My fridge…. not so much.

In doing this project I realized that my (and Mer’s) fridge is filled with food, yes, obviously, but also with a lot of random things that should have been thrown out ages ago.  I left the fridge pretty close to how it usually is so you can get a good idea of what we generally have.

My side is the left, unofficially but I have also started to take over the right side since Mer doesn’t keep much food in here.   I keep as much produce as will fit in the bottom drawer.  Right now I actually don’t have much: lemons, spinach, tomatoes, shrooms (home grown!), cucumbers.  Keep in mind this is the end of the week so I have already eaten a lot of my produce.   I always keep a green bin in the fridge which usually holds the large amounts of spinach and lettuce I buy.  This week, I didn’t buy very much which is why it is currently empty.

Cheese in the cheese drawer.  All disgustingly old yet suspiciously still look fine.  Sketchy.  Normally I have a Costco sized tub of feta, but since I’m not eating cheese right now, that is sadly missing.  I also keep tofu in this drawer a lot but I can’t eat that either, sigh.  Guess I should have picked another week to show you my fridge but too late now.

Eggs, half a watermelon, pretty standard fare in our fridge in the summer.  This one is Mer’s, and we are actually running dangerously low.  Usually we have 2 full watermelons (one each) packed somewhere in the fridge.

Quinoa, olives, not beer from a coworker, brown rice bread, yellow honeydew melon (delicious!), blackberries, the very last of my split pea soup..sad.


Top shelf:  Random jar of pickles that my mom made me…really old. Probably going to throw those out after I publish this.  Salsa, some homemade blackberry jam made by my aunt, tahini, apricots…I bought 20 apricots for 98 cents this week.  whattttt..  Also an eyemask.  We both have one but the other one seems to be m.i.a.  If you ever suffer from a headache, invest in one of these babies, they work some serious miracles.

The only thing besides the watermelon’s of Mer’s in the fridge are the 8 jars of pasta sauce.  Told you she was good at making pasta, didn’t I?

In the door, condiments galore.  We have a ton of dressings, sauces, dips and the like.  A few kinds of mustard.   There were actually 6 bottles of yellow mustard when I opened the fridge and I threw 5 of them away.  All expired.  Pretty sure neither of us actually uses yellow mustard on anything either…not sure what that is about.

Hunt’s ketchup!  Finally picked some up, hfcs free!  Random marinades, capers, another jar of tahini paste, dijon mustard, sriracha.

I can’t even get into the freezer in this post….it is a mess and a half.  The most important things are in the door anyways.

So now you know more about what is in my fridge!   What about you…is your fridge organized or more like ours?  Any food items you meant to throw away months ago?

Another random thing I forget to mention on Tuesday.  Mer and I went to an estate sale on Sunday and it was extremely creepy.  The entire house was filled with cat statues, pillows, glasses, a cat armoire, blankets, anything cat you can imagine.  I actually am still really creeped out thinking of it.  The house could have been really beautiful…the flooring, skylights and original woodwork were still there, but everything had gone to shambles overtime, with really dirty carpet, wallpaper coming off and things just straight out falling apart.  We both were really grossed out/creeped out/saddened for awhile after we left.  But I think the idea of estate sales is cool and sometimes you can find some really good stuff for great prices!  Do you guys ever go to estate sales, or would you?  I guess it is the same idea as buying things from a vintage or thrift store which I like doing, but for some reason when it was all of a person’s belongings, it seriously creeped me out.

Told you it was random, but had to share and wanted to see what your experiences were.

I havebeen blogging from my front porch while waiting for the mailman to bring a dress I ordered.  I got quite a few strange stares.  Now I have to go meet him at the post office…not sure if I should be really sketched out.


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