Weekend restaurant recap

My race recap was getting a little long yesterday and I didn’t even have a chance to touch on the weekend and what else we did (aka what we ate!)  Friday night we went to dinner at a place called Vinci so I could still eat pasta (they have brown rice pasta). Vinci has a pretty good gluten free selection and it is close to my apartment. I didn’t want to go all the way downtown for dinner since I had to get up at 4:15am on Saturday and knew I wanted to be in bed as early as possible. I talked to both my neighbors (upstairs and downstairs) last week and asked them if they could refrain from playing music on Friday night too. I’m sure they love me. Both apartments are college students so I probably look really cool requesting them to be quiet on Friday night. I couldn’t risk it though, when they play their music it is loud enough that our windows shake and I wasn’t dealing with that the night before my run. Anyways, kind of got off track…but I ordered a salad to start and then brown rice pasta in olive oil with mushrooms, broccoli and spinach.  It was good, but not great–a little bit bland.  But, I don’t want to judge the restaurant on my order alone since I had to order it without tomatoes or cheese.  My mom had a pear and endive salad and a pizza with artichokes and mushrooms.  My dad had caprese salad and a few appetizers for his main meal–sausage in tomato sauce with baked goat cheese and oysters.  They both really liked everything they ordered, so I think I will have to give this place another try once the elimination diet is over. 

Saturday AM I got up bright and early at 4:15. When my alarm went off I was kind of in a fog and I realized I was saying ‘noooooooo’ aloud. I actually catch myself doing that kind of a lot. I really like to get my sleep if you couldn’t tell. I laid all of my stuff out last night so it was easy to get dressed quickly and make my breakfast—2 slices of brown rice toast with almond butter and banana. I packed those up in paper towel to bring in the car.  Alex’s boyfriend Connor was nice enough to drive us down to Millenium Park where we were catching the shuttle.   You guys already know all about the race so I won’t go through that again.  

Let’s fast forward to end of the race and what we all should be concerned about–what free stuff did we get?  As I was walking through the chute at the end of the race, I grabbed 2 waters, a Powerade and a banana.  People tried to hand me cookies, bags of chips and Nature Valley granola bars but looking at that kind of food made me want to puke so I skipped all that.  I drank a water and Powerade right away and then felt really sick.  I forced the banana down a few minutes later which helped I think.  I also got a free La Croix and a FRX energy drink on the way out.  I had never had FRX but it claims to be an all natural energy drink.  I tried it later in the day when I was feeling really out of it and tired but the taste was gross.  I forced half of it down since I really needed to wake up but I would not recommend these at all. 

After I showered on Saturday, we went out to a restaurant called Berghoff’s which was close to my parents hotel.  I used to walk by this restaurant everyday and had never been inside.  I ordered the Tuna Nicoise salad and fries (super random but gotta work with what I can eat).   Both were delicious.  My parents both ordered sandwiches but I can’t remember exactly what.  Bad food blogger.  All of us were too hungry to take a picture before eating so I’m sorry to say there are no pictures of our meals. 

On Saturday night we went out to dinner with Alex, Connor and Alex’s parents and their friends.  We went to a restaurant called O’Brien’s which is in Old Town.  Alex, my dad and I all ordered the tilapia, scallops and shrimp and I ordered a side of potatoes too.   Usually scallops are my favorite seafood and the scallops were really good, as were the shrimp, but we all agreed that the tilapia was the best part.  It was really flavorful and perfectly cooked.  I had to order mine without the butter sauce and it was still really delicious!

On Sunday, my parents and I headed to a restaurant called Tilly’s which is close to my apartment.   If you remember, I went here a few weeks ago and ordered the chopped chicken salad.  I wanted to get it again but since I would have had to order without blue cheese and pasta, I figured it might not be as good.  My mom ordered it though and really liked it a lot.  I ordered a salad w/ chickpeas, carrots, cucumbers and tomatoes with grilled chicken on top.  Pretty standard, it was good but nothing special.  I also ordered a side of fries (detecting a pattern here) and they were crinkle fries straight out of the freezer I think.  Semi-disappointing.  My dad ordered the eggs chilaquiles which looked great.  Next time I go and I am in the mood for breakfast I think I will order them. 

So now we are all caught up on food for the weekend.  I have a few exciting recipes to post over the next few day


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