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This weekend went by so quickly!  If you haven’t been reading this weekend, I took Friday off to meet my family in Bloomington, IN which is where my brother goes to school (at Indiana University).  I flew into Indianapolis on Friday afternoon and my parents picked me up on their drive.  We checked into our hotel and then went to dinner with my brother and his roommate at Mother Bear’s (you can find that post here).  Here are some pics of the delicous pizza, since I didn’t have the pictures to post earlier.

Katie wrote this post, but as I add the pictures for Katie, I’m jumping in with some comments of my own! Who would have thought goldfish crackers would be such a great addition to a salad?  Mother Bear’s Pizza was great!

On my last visit to Bloomington in October we went to the Bloomington  Farmers Market, which runs April to November and it is almost directly behind Andrew’s apartment building and I tried to get him excited about having a farm market so close at hand, but sadly that did not get him very excited (that’s an understatement).  So when that failed I led him to Bloomingfoods, it is right next to the Farmer’s Market and is the closest grocery to his apartment.  He hasn’t been back, he thinks it’s too healthy for him.  When we arrived in Bloomington, Katie said one of the places she wanted to visit was Bloomingfoods having never mentioned it to her, I was excited that at least one of my children got the food gene!!   I didn’t buy any quail eggs at Bloomingfoods but I did but a really pretty pitcher made at Clay City Pottery in Clay City Indiana.  I always get a little overly excited when I can buy a local hand crafted item!

On Saturday, after we went to Bloomingfoods (also in previous post), we shopped around the Kirkwood area a little bit including stopping into an awesome cooking store.  My mom got a pizza stone and I got a wood rolling pin made in Indiana (I have been needing a rolling pin).  Here are some pics of other cool stuff in the store:

I bought the Emile Henry pizza stone, I read a review of this stone several months ago and have been meaning to give it a try, so now I have it and I will let you know if it is worth the 50 plus dollars.  I choose the fig (purple), I might have considered red, but black and fig were my choices at Goods for Cooks so that is what I now own. Goods for Cooks is a lovely store right on the square in Bloomington with a great selection of cookware and I already have a few items in mind to purchase at my next visit.

We were all starving after shopping, so we went to The Farm Bloomington for lunch. It was soo good.  My mom actually owns a cookbook written by the chef and she had told me about it in advance, so I was really excited to give it a try.  It did not disappoint.  I got a vegan tofu quesadilla which was huge and so good.  The vegan sour cream and chili sauce on top made the quesadilla.  My mom got a chicken salad with apples and walnuts which also looked good.  Andrew got a cheeseburger (his standard order) and my dad got the vegetarian omelette which had spinach and goat cheese.  Everything was plated so nicely and the dishes all looked really pretty and appetizing when they came out.  If you are ever in Bloomington, you have to visit this place.

Katie’s right, this place is great, I first visited this restaurant in October when Craig and I went to visit Andrew, I’m always looking for a great restaurant when I’m away from home.  Farm Bloomington had gotten great reviews and I made a reservation and was so pleasantly surprised when we walked in and saw two cookbooks by Daniel Orr featured in the restaurant.  Real Food by Daniel Orr, the chef of Farm Blooomington, is a cookbook that I have had and enjoyed for years.  I have since purchased his more recent cookbook, Farm Food. Both are great and focus on using fresh local foods, so how could I not love them?

After lunch, Andrew gave us a tour of the IU campus. Everyone in my family was telling me that this campus is much prettier than Michigan’s campus and won top 10 prettiest campuses in USA or something.   After seeing, I will admit there are parts of it that are much prettier than Michigan’s, but I think seeing it in the winter probably didn’t do it justice.   The campus has a lot of older buildings and tons of trees (and I am told flowers although we didn’t see any of those).   We went into the student union and it was very old inside, but in a cool Harry Potterish way (dork alert).   And the best part is that the students get FREE New York Times everyday!  I am so jealous.   I asked if they even got the Sunday edition for free but Andrew said he wasn’t sure.  I love the NY Times!! We went searching for one, but they were all out since it was mid-afternoon.   The funniest part about our tour was the fact that Andrew has absolutely no sense of direction.   My dad was actually leading us on the tour for part of the time because he remembered where to go after visiting once.

Indiana University has a much prettier campus than Michigan, sorry Katie and Craig.  February is not a month to truly appreciate the beauty of the campus, so Katie will have to make another trip in warmer weather.  But, as a testimony to the beauty of the campus, even Andrew, who generally is not wowed by architecture or landscaping, often begins his description of IU by telling people how pretty the campus is and it is!!  I am always surprised by not only how beautifully the campus is landscaped and all the beautiful seasonal flowers that are in bloom, but what really amazes me is that the flower beds don’t get trampled by students, I think the students really appreciate the beauty of their surroundings.

After our tour we headed out to go grocery shopping for Andrew.  I know I showed you guys the ‘after’ for his cupboards and fridge but he was in very desperate need of food.  All the cupboards and the fridge/freezer were bare except for a few sketchy looking condiments.  My dad and brother actually went to stock up on groceries at Wal-Mart while my mom and I shopped at TJ Maxx (one of our favorite stores), but right as they were about to check out there was a bomb threat and everyone had to leave!  Scary!  By then, they were tired of shopping so my mom and I went to Kroger to re-shop.

We got a ton of stuff, and had to pile bags on our laps on the ride home.  After unloading all this stuff, cooking some food for Andrew, cleaning his (nasty) apartment and doing some laundry, we headed out to dinner.

We went to the Uptown Cafe.   I ordered a curry cauliflower soup to start and it was pretty tasty!  Very spicy though.  For my entree, I decided on crab cakes which were served with spinach and roasted red-skin potatoes.  I didn’t love the crab cake, I’m not really sure why.  There was a lot of crab but it just wasn’t very flavorful.  I ate about 3/4 of it and gave the rest away.  The spinach was delicious though, and I ate both mine and my dad’s.  My mom ordered the mushroom ravioli and gave me a few ravioli.  They were really good, I actually liked her dish more than mine.

I disagree with Katie, the crabcakes were great, lot’s of crab and they were very flavorful.

This morning we went to breakfast before heading out, but the lighting was really bad in the restaurant so I don’t have pictures to share with you.  I did have a side of homefries with feta and they were delicious.  Feta is good on everything, I’m going to have to try to recreate this type of thing at home.

We had breakfast at Runcible Spoon, I had scrambled eggs and homefries with vegetables and it really was full of veggies; zucchini, broccoli, carrots and onion.  I would never have thought of adding these veggies, other than onion, to home fries.  They were really tasty.  It was an interesting restaurant, definitely one of those locations that maybe are better appreciated by students than parents.  We have had some delicious breakfasts at the Uptown Cafe on previous visits and for my money, the food was more interesting but maybe not the people watching.

Now, I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  My parents wanted to get on the road so I am here pretty early.   Thank God this airport has free wi-fii!  I had a great time this weekend and it was great to spend some time with my family.  I always feel like time goes by too fast so hopefully we will plan another trip again soon.

We are safely back home and can rest comfortably tonight knowing Andrew’s apartment is cleaner and his refrigerator and cupboards are well stocked!

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