Weekend recap

Hi everyone!  Hope you are having a great weekend.

I actually am back in Michigan for the weekend to spend some time with my parents.  Because the weather looked like it might be bad, I took the train instead of driving.  The ride in was definitely interesting and the crazy lady sitting in front of me was a great reminder of why doing large amounts of drugs will eventually catch up with you.  She spent the majority of the train ride laughing loudly at a movie the guy in front of her was watching…with headphones.  It was entertaining at least.

Saturday morning, my mom and I had plans to go to a farmers market in downtown Detroit called Eastern Market.  My dad just had surgery on Wednesday so he wasn’t feeling up to coming with us.  My mom’s friend Marybeth(MB) joined us which was great because I haven’t seen her in a long time.  We had a lot of fun and ended up buying various produce, flowers and granola and baked goods from some Amish vendors.

MB and mom

Mom and me

The only reason that I mention them being Amish is for some reason I felt worse about not buying stuff from the Amish vs the other vendors.  I don’t know why!  Maybe because they don’t get to wear cute clothes or makeup?  Besides the various vendors, we ended up stopping at Rocky Peanut Co which I have always loved for their bulk candy.  But what I never realized is that they also had rows and rows of bulk bins for spices, grains, etc.  I was very excited about this and ended up telling the woman helping me about our blog.  She gave us some good ideas for recipes to try with some of the unusual bulk items.  I got some unsweetened coconut, spinach powder which I am going to use in an attempt to make green cookies w/o the dye for St. Pattys Day, as well as chickpea flower and xantham gum!  Can’t wait to start trying new recipes.

After that we went out to lunch at one of my favorite quick lunch spots, Louie’s.  I actually call this place Porky’s because I never used to be able to remember the name and all I remembered was the giant pig outside (and no I wasn’t 5, I was like 20…not sure why it was so difficult to remember)

I got a greek salad which was ginormous and my mom and MB split a slim louie (ham sandwich).   I didn’t have any because I really don’t like ham.  It is the one food I can really say I dislike.

Louie's Ham & Cornbeef Shop on Urbanspoon

After lunch, I went to get my hair done, which was way overdue.  I try to get my hair done when I come home because I haven’t found a place that I love in Chicago yet and have been going to Robert since I was in second grade, so it is always fun to see him and catch up.

My mom and I then did a little shopping and picked my dad up for dinner.   We weren’t sure if he would feel up to going out to dinner, but we thought it might help him to get out of the house for a little bit.  We went to Jump’s.  This place has been around forever but used to be in the basement of an office building and was only open for lunch.  It moved next door to it’s own spot and has been totally re-done so it is now open for dinner too.  This was my first time trying it for dinner and I really liked it.

I started with a caesar salad which I loved.  I ordered the walnut crusted whitefish for my entree which was good but not great.

My mom had the char and my dad had perch.  Guess we all felt like fish!

The special of the night was an eggplant dish, and they actually gave my mom some of it as a side.  She was nice enough to share with me and we both wished we had gotten it instead.  It was fried eggplant with a rich tomato sauce on top and was so good!

Jumps on Urbanspoon


This morning we went to church and randomly ran into my cousins there.  We all went out to breakfast (again at Porky’s).   This time I had a cheeseburger.   Rew, since you weren’t there to order a cheeseburger at every meal, I felt I had to order one in your place.  I even mumbled ‘uhhh medium’ when they asked me how I wanted it done.

My mom and I are headed to the gym to workout.  We might have a video coming your way so stay tuned!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!



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